Weirdness in Dallas: JFK shooting victim not welcome at 50th anniversary ceremony

James Tague
James Tague

In the Daily Caller, Roger Stone highlights the impending weirdness of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination in Dallas: Where gunfire took the president’s life, let’s banish all evidence of gunfire.

November 22 shooting victim James Tague isn’t welcome in Dealey Plaza.

See “Wounded in JFK attack bystander to history revisits the crime” (JFK Facts, Aug. 6. 2013)


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6 thoughts on “Weirdness in Dallas: JFK shooting victim not welcome at 50th anniversary ceremony”

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  2. Dallas is home to the George w. Bush library also. The powers that be in Dallas have always resented President Kennedy and his liberal policies. At the private country clubs and petroleum clubs Dallas -ites HL Hunt and Clint Murchinson are held in higher regard than JFK. The powers that be in Dallas have always pushed the “lone nut Oswald did it” version and the book depository tour reflected that for many years. Of course with the enormous evidence of a conspiracy they moved to a “we don’t know” position on the assassination. Keeping James Teague away keeps their nice safe little theory in a nice safe little place- out of site, out of mind.

  3. Would all the decent people on JFKFACTS please send in a positive comment to the Daily Caller. I believe it’s important to follow up on these stories because we know Jim Tague’s story and his honesty. I think Jim Tague would appreciate your comments to the Daily Caller about this issue. Thank you.

    1. I posted this comment at the Daily Caller, Rob:

      ‘It would be very simple & easy for Dallas to administer passes to all living JFK assassination eyewitnesses, thus bypassing the ticket requirement.’

      From what I’ve been reading in opinions posted around the Web, what we are seeing is a power play designed to grab the media attention away from Debra Conway & her peers & run Robert Groden out of the area. IOW, corrupt people doing what they do best; creating a despicable situation for all.

      1. I was perusing Breach of Trust last night and came across a nugget. Apparently the Warren Commission didn’t get around to deposing James Tague until July 23, 1964, just weeks before the initial report came out.

        Tells you a lot, and implies that the “miss” that necessitated the SBT was not based on Tague, it was more likely based on the missed shot that many witnesses said caused “sparks” on the pavement behind and to the right of the limo.

        The Tague wounding is strong evidence for two missed shots. The fact that the curb where the shot hit also disappeared is also pretty suspect.

  4. It is very disappointing that the people running the city of Dallas still refuse to acknowledge that Dealey Plaza, for better or for worse, belongs to ALL of the American people. It is now the moral equivalent of a national shrine or monument. It is a testament to what evil unchecked can accomplish and how a great nation’s destiny can be changed for the worse, because reactionary forces refuse to allow a great man to complete the mission God intended. It appears to me that God probably wanted Jack Kennedy to help end the Cold War and save mankind from WW3. Kennedy’s murder kept the Cold War going another 25 years, cost us the Vietnam War ad 58,000 more dead in that war alone, added many billions to our national debt, and finally led to the need to murder Bobby Kennedy (and others) to try to keep this conspiracy covered up. I lived through this and I have been wounded for fifty years now … deep in my soul. It never gets better because the government refuses to give us closure by releasing the remaining files and finally at long last just telling the truth. Everlasting shame on them. They really let us down. Millions of good people were devastated by all of this and our own guys were involved, and also have let us down for fifty years in the continuing lies and coverup. If they had any decency, they would be ashamed. Open up Dealey Plaza to the grieving masses who want to remember the last president they actually loved and believed in.

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