Was Oswald a CIA operative or not?

As Jacob Hornberger notes in his blog for  The Future of Freedom Foundation, this very basic question about the assassination of President Kennedy cannot be answered in 2013 — thanks to the Agency’s obfuscations, based on far-fetched claims of “national security.”

Hornberger writes:

“Consider, for example, the records relating to CIA agent George Joannides. Those are the ones that the CIA seems most interested in protecting from disclosure, especially given its fierce judicial battle against JFKfacts editor Jefferson Morley, who has been trying for some 10 years to get the Joannides records released to the public.”

“Why is the CIA so determined to keep the American people from seeing the Joannides records? How could the disclosure of the Joannides records even remotely endanger ‘national security,’ especially given that they’re 50 years old and Joannides is dead?

Good question.

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51 thoughts on “Was Oswald a CIA operative or not?”

  1. To those of us who have read Univ. of Maryland history professor John Newman’s scholarly tome
    “Oswald and the CIA” (especially the 2008/updated version) it is utterly baffling as to how and why
    there is still any remaining question(s) as to whether Oswald was connected to the CIA.
    The answer is yes!

  2. Lee Oswald ‘walked between the raindrops’ during the height of the cold war. He could not have accomplished this without guidance & protection. His reward was demonstrated on TV 24 November 1963 by Jack Ruby.

  3. Fearfaxer, imagine you and your friends living lives as members of a second generation of a privileged class mourning the loss by their grandfathers of what many of them strongly regarded as their birthright. From their positions and perspectives, the early 1960’s was probably not a time of abandoning an ambition to restore what they believed to be rightfully theirs. The arrival in Dallas of Lee Oswald and his Russian wife would have been of immense interest to the grandchildren of Russia’s former imperial ruling class. George Bouhe, a Dallas accountant born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1904, was one of the first of these grandchildren to introduce himself to the Oswalds. in 1939, Bouhe’s naturalization application displays two sponsors. One was Stewart Dyckman, a Harvard graduate from Dallas, and the other was Alexander Daniloff. In his 1960 obituary, Daniloff was desrcibed working for the United Nations for twelve years, initially as a translator.:
    New York Times – Oct 31, 1960
    “SEA CLIFF, L, I., Oct. 30u Alexander Daniloff of 48 Littleworth Lane, a translator at the United Nations for the last twelve years, died yesterday in the Community …”

    The two men who are credited with creating the instant translation department at the United Nations in 1946 were John Train’s daughter’s father-in-law, George (Youri) Khlebnikoff, and the best man in the Khlebnikoff-Nebolsine wedding, Prince George Vassiltchikov. The two had come to the United Nations after performing simultaneous translation at the Nuremberg trials. Vassiltchikov’s two sisters, Princess Tatiana von Metternich and Marie Vassiltchikov worked at the foreign ministry in Berlin with plotters of the July, 1944 attempt to assassinate Hitler. Marie published the Berlin Diaries in the 1980’s and her brother Prince George wrote the footnotes of the book. From Marie’s wikipedia bio:
    “Plot to kill Hitler…. Vassiltchikov transferred to the Auswärtiges Amt (AA), or German Foreign Ministry’s Information Office, where she worked as the assistant to Dr. Adam von Trott zu Solz, a key member of the anti-Nazi resistance and a former Rhodes scholar.

    Due to the tendency of Nazi party members to bypass the Foreign Ministry staff when formulating policy as described in Princess Marie’s diaries, the A.A. effectively became a gathering place for civilian members of the anti-Nazi resisters including Adam von Trott zu Solz. In 1944, he was among the leaders of the July 20 Plot to kill Adolf Hitler. Princess Marie kept diaries of her life in the plotters’ circle. She wrote in shorthand and kept the pages hidden in her A.A. office and in other locations but was not actively involved in the plot, …”
    These White Russian exiles were intelligent and restless people. We are left to imagine their experience and resourcefulness and the options they have settled upon to use Oswald for their own purposes, or to insulate them from suspicion. If I were one of them, I would not have ruled out a plan to provoke the U.S. into attacking and defeating the Soviet military and government.

  4. Another good article by Jacob Hornberger.
    I particularly agree with two things he writes :
    “I can’t understand why the people who defend the Warren report remain so silent when it comes to this issue”
    “It’s always been a mystery to me how an assassination purportedly committed by a lone nut could be so deeply enveloped within the concept of national security”

  5. People who insist the Warren Report was correct keep repeating the mantra that Oswald was a psychotic loner so bitter over his low station in life that he decided to murder the President (never that Oswald never seems to have voiced much dissatisfaction over his lot in life). Here are some points for such people to consider:

    1) Of all the 23 year-old male high school dropouts in the USA in the summer of 1963, how many were guests on a popular radio program in a large media market where they debated the whys and wherefores of US foreign policy with members of a CIA-funded and controlled political group?

    2) How many of those young men were invited to speak at Jesuit seminaries about their experiences living in the USSR?

    3) How many of those young men had spent more than half of their adult lives living abroad?

    4) How many of those young men would go on foreign trip that year, one for which they seem to have had no ability to pay for (i.e., somebody else must have picked up the tab)?

    5) How many of those young men were fluent in a foreign language?

    Lee Harvey Oswald lived what any reasonable person would have to conclude was a remarkable life. Far from being a loner, he was constantly putting himself in situations where he had to interact with other human beings, and from the time in the Marine Corps to the last months of his life was especially keen to chat people up on political matters (read the WC testimony of his fellow Marines and of Michael Paine if you don’t believe me). Whatever his role in the assassination plot (and I believe he was involved), the portrait we have been given in the Official Story is inaccurate, and one only has to look at the facts the WC itself discovered through testimony to see that this is true.

    BTW, Mr. Paine’s testimony indicates that both he and Oswald seemed to spend a good deal of time going to meetings of such groups as the ACLU, the John Birch Society and other politically active organizations, together and independent of each other. There are researchers who think Paine and his wife were involved with spying for the either the Dallas Police intelligence squads, the FBI, CIA, etc. This gives possible confirmation of that, and it sounds as if Oswald might have been doing it either with them, or on his own.

    1. #1 So what? How many people actually listened to that station or that program? Communists were not that common in New Orleans. Political oddballs were popular in those days.
      #2-what Jesuit seminary? As a matter of fact name one Jesuit seminary in the U.S. Just one.
      #3 – as the draft was active and millions of men served overseas in the late 1950s thousands of young men did that.
      #4 thousands did that, even JFK in the 1930s. Hardly any picked up the tab.
      #5 probably most of them- and vastly more proficient than Oswald.

      1. #5 probably most of them- and vastly more proficient than Oswald.

        LHO easily qualified as a Russian translator-interpreter when he returned to the US. That’s in WC testimony available online. You have a habit of going too far.

          1. Diane Roberts Powell

            I know you posted this a while back, but thanks for that link! As you probably know, one had to be fluent in Russian to get that kind of job. Now, I need to research Pete Gregory. Do you have any info on him?

            Russian is not an easy language to learn. Oswald was sent to Monterey to study Russian. It’s in his records. Everyone knows that Monterey is a language school for the military. One of my cousins was sent there to study German before they set him to Germany to be a military cop. It’s crazy that people deny it!

          2. Diane Roberts Powell

            I just found Gregory, and see that he was a White Russian, so I guess I answered my own question.

      2. The Jesuit seminary in question was at Spring Hill College in Mobile Alabama. Spring Hill is a coeducational liberal arts college, with a graduate program in theology that serves as the seminary. Oswald’s cousin was a student in that program, and he prevailed upon his fellow seminarians to invite Lee as the guest speaker for the month of July, 1963. They had a tradition of having such speakers on a monthly basis. That this comes as news to you suprises me, given the extraordinary breadth of knowledge you pretend to possess on all aspect of the Kennedy assassination (funny though how you never provide sources to back up you claims even when specifically requested to do do).

        That’s the only one of your points I’m going to dignify with a reponse. As I said in another comment, time to start in on the decaf.

        Here’s some information on Oswald’s July 27, 1963 appearance, in the event you might actually be interested in reading something about it.


        1. David S. Lifton

          This is directed at Diana Powell’s post: No; Oswald did NOT go to Monterrey. Those school records were accessed some 20 years ago by a fellow named Shepherd; he sent them to me. All the class records, tests, everything. Oswald was not a student there. Also, think about it: If Oswald had an intelligence assignment, and if it involved faking a defection, the last thing anyone involved would want would be for a group of classmates at DLI to say–upon hearing the news: “Oh, I remember him! He was in my class at DLI”. A sure prescription for blowing his cover. No, he was not there (at DLI) –but he did learn Russian while in the Marines, and that poses an interesting question: when and how?

      3. Almost forgot: Immaculate Conception Seminary, located in my hometown of Huntington, New York. It’s located in an area called Lloyd’s Neck, home to many a multimillionaire’s mansion during the Guilded Age.

        1. Spring Hill college was not a seminary. It was a Jesuit liberal arts college; all have theology departments. None are seminaries.
          Immaculate Conception is a Diocesian seminary with no formal connections with the Society of Jesus. Unfortunately your U.K. source got it wrong.
          It appears that you do not know what a Catholic seminary is, nor what the mission of Jesuit higher education is. It is always best to get your facts straight before posting errors.
          There are no Jesuit seminaries in the United States.
          Hoya Saxa !

          1. It doesn’t really matter what a seminary is, it matters that Lee Oswald was there giving a talk. Something you seem to have missed.
            I always find it telling when people try and change the conversation.

          1. As a graduate of a Jesuit university I find your ignorance amusing,but sad. You have no idea what a seminary is.

          2. S.R."Dusty" Rohde

            LOL…..really? Maybe you should look it up in the dictonary and post it here for all of us to read since you attempt to pretend to be the expert. Go ahead, we will wait patiently, or will you ignore a rather simple request? I think you’ll find that the Jesuit School of Studies posted in the link qualifies.

      4. “#2-what Jesuit seminary? As a matter of fact name one Jesuit seminary in the U.S. Just one.”~Photon

        Loyola Marymount University.
        1 Loyola Marymount University Drive
        Los Angeles, CA
        (310) 338-2700

        Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities
        The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities is a consortium of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities and two theological centers in the United States committed to advancing academic excellence.
        I worked with a Jesuit priest from Loyola Marymount on a script for ‘Pyramid Beyond’, a project for Disney Entertainment in the early 1970’s. He was an exceedingly well educated and imaginative partner.

        1. No Willy, Marymount is not a seminary. It is a Jesuit University.
          Seminaries train men to enter the Catholic priesthood.
          Jesuit Universities offer prestigious and academically rigorous education to students of many faiths in many disciplines . They are not seminaries. Eg, Marquette.

          1. Photon I find everything you say on this site utterly unbelievable. Including this last BS about the Jesuits.
            In every thread here you claim personal expertise and knowledge on every subject, yet you cannot seem to recognize a simple matter such as context.

          2. Diane Roberts Powell

            Spreading disinformation and obfuscation since 1963. Does this pay well? Or is it just a sick kind of hobby?

            Wanting, “only the facts, mam,” and when someone shows you the facts you act like you don’t know what the hell is going on.

            Who needs it?

            I believe that Oswald was a lone nut like I believe in the tooth fairy.

    2. This is why I think Oswald was part of a conspiracy, and not just innocent. From what I have read over the years, he looks to me like a person used and then thrown away by the CIA or military intelligence. He had a file, a quite remarkable past for a hillbilly “nobody” of 23 years of age. He certainly seems to have been more interesting than Thomas Arthur Vallee. Like Richard Case Nagell, Lee Harvey Oswald seems to have had more going on than many people realize.

      Has anyone done a comparative study of all the US defectors who went into the USSR in the 1950’s and early 1960’s? The CIA had a false defector program. Did others go over there and then come back to the USA with relative ease, as Oswald appears to have done? Did some stay there? This is an area that I don’t know much about—the defector program of which I am almost certain Oswald was a part of. It would be interesting to see if there were any overlapping or similar characteristics among the men who were a part of this program, as well as a follow up to where they all ended up.

      1. Here is a link to the HSCA’s Defector Study Report:


        The case of Robert Webster is especially interesting. He was an employee of Rand Development Co. (no connection to Rand Corporation), and was an expert in plastics and fiberglass. He was working at that US trade exhibition where Nixon and Khrushchev had their Kitchen Debate. He fell in love with a Russian woman, defected, actually did formally renounce his US citizenship, and become a Soviet citizen. Amazingly, he defected just a few weeks before Oswald arrived in Moscow, and came back to the US (with a visa under the Soviet alien quota) just a few weeks before Oswald returned in 1962. There are few photos of Webster available, but he and Oswald seem to have shared at least a passing resemblance. Moreover, that first description of the possible killer is Dallas, 5’10”, 165 lbs., actually is closer to Webster dimensions than to Oswald’s. One more thing: it’s possible Marina Oswald was acquainted with Webster before she met her husband.

      2. I think LHO’s trip to the USSR was part of an Office of Naval Intelligence operation to test the KGB’s response to such defections by lowly enlisted men. There was another American sailor living in Moscow at the time, I recall, who had earlier defected and was granted some sort of asylum. If so, it was a pretty simple mission: “Go there and see how they treat you.”

        1. Totally ignorant of what the Naval Intelligence community does.There are no secret agents or overseas spies. Nebraska Ave. is not Minsk, or even Polyarny for that matter.
          I know that means nothing to you, but everything to members of that community, well represented by my family

          1. This explains your opinion and relatively thorough knowledge of Admiral Burke’s history.

            Might you be familiar with a man named John Harris Mathis, former commissioned officer at the ONI in the late 40’s who began his career with the fledgling SEC and moved on to serve as some level of assistant to J. Edgar Hoover in the FBI? He was posted in New Orleans.

          2. Diane Roberts Powell

            You know Photon, when you ask for proof, and someone like Dusty provides you a link to the “proof” you seek, you should afterward kindly thank him, or else slither back into your black hole.

  6. The argument that people defending CIA use is “national security” as to why the remaining files can’t be released, even in 2017. So, is there a comparative incident where CIA gave up information that involved similar ‘cloak and dagger’ historical files, everyone deceased who was involved, where “national security” was argued—but the files got released anyway?

    The Pentagon Papers were considered of such “national security” that to release them, critics at the time argued, could spell the end of American dominance around the world as we then knew it—and could compromise our armed forces everywhere, not just in Vietnam. They got released anyway, thanks to Daniel Ellsberg, and the USA didn’t come tumbling down. That’s the biggest breach—up until the recent NSA revelations—that I can think of.

  7. It’s important to realize that Oswald could have been working for one of the numerous “private” intelligence groups run by former government men – like Guy Banister – that still maintained close links to Hoover, the CIA, military intelligence, as well as with oil men, organized crime, Cuban exiles, Vegas casinos, drug traffickers, gun-runners, foreign intelligence services, etc. The same groups that keep making repeat appearances in our history: Vietnam, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and so on.

    1. Back in 1963, many “private” companies were actually either fronts for CIA or were doing some kind of contract work for the Agency, or for the military (by extension CIA in some cases where there was overlap as Fletcher Prouty wrote about in his classic book, “The Secret Team”). It can be difficult to follow the leads in some cases where you don’t have DIRECT CIA linkage. Today, the private contracting has gotten much more pervasive however than it was 50 years ago. The Iraq War was filled with private contractors, working for Brown & Root (Halliburton) among others. We’ve even made our military more mercenary today via Blackwater-type outfits. With Homeland Security, as Dana Priest points out, the intel-complex is so massive a tumor on our society, for good and for ill, that we have tucked away in shopping malls and office buildings all over the country such stuff. Moynihan, were he still alive today, would be flabbergasted at how big it has become.

  8. The weird thing about the assassination is that you can find convincing circumstantial evidence of a conspiracy and convincing circumstantial evidence Oswald acted alone.

    If Oswald had been just a disgruntled, disturbed individual who happened to work on the motorcade route and took his mental condition out on America by killing Kennedy, I’d say, OK. Terrible shit happens sometimes.

    But he wasn’t any ordinary laborer, was he? What lonely, low-wage “nobody” assassin…

    o Meets with the KGB head of assassinations for the Western Hemisphere three weeks BEFORE landing a job on the president’s motorcade route.

    o Has CIA wiretaps capture someone impersonating you in a foreign embassy to get the embassy to confirm the name of the KGB agent you (allegedly) met with.

    o Suspiciously starts a NO chapter of a pro-Castro organization (against the wishes of that organization) then suspiciously tries to infiltrate the nation’s most famous anti-Castro group to have both suspiciously have an altercation that gets media coverage, and the whole propaganda set piece is found out to be sponsored by the CIA 35 years later. And the CIA PR guy for Latin American “education” then releases all that media coverage to national media before you’re even charged with the crime of killing the president.

    o Having a rich, socially connected, anti-communist Russian émigré become your best friend in the whole world only to tell a writer he cut a deal with the Dallas CIA head to babysit you for a time so he could get an intro to Papa Doc in Haiti for an oil scheme. Oh, and that same “friend” blowing his brains out later that day minutes after learning he was contacted by the HSCA.

    o You’re an admitted traitor and you get pass after pass from the CIA and FBI during the height of the Cold War

    On the lone nut side:

    o If true, the shot at Gen. Walker and the Tippit murder show he’s capable of killing someone

    o His wife’s testimony about him wanting to go downtown and “check out” Nixon while he was in town shows a guy willing/wanting to kill any political figure

    o Dropping his wedding ring in his wife’s teacup the morning of assassination

    o “Curtain rods”

    If the conspiracy part is true, then the lone nut evidence you could assign to a highly sophisticated intel manipulation/coercion I suppose.

    But it’s a crazy damn case that continues to perplex after 50 years.

    1. Great post. I only have one objection.

      The Nixon story was never independently corroborated. The WC concluded that Richard Nixon had no visits to Dallas in 1963 prior to the week of 11/22/63. Besides that, there were several other inconsistencies and reasons to doubt the validity of the story Marina told about Oswald wanting to see Nixon.

      1. The Nixon business is really not believable. As I recall, Marina claimed she trapped her husband in the bathroom, and prevented his attempts to get out by pushing against the door with all her weight. He finally relented, and she let him out. Oswald was a scrawny man, but still an ex-Marine, and she was a very slight woman. He also had a history of battering her, yet she claim he was docile after that incident. Not likely.

    2. Very good points. The tiebreaker for me is there isn’t such a need for covering up if he’s a lone nut. He can still be a shooter and still involved and still be “worked” or given the opportunity by others. I think both scenarios that you point to are plausible because they are both true i.e., must be melded together to form the true narrative.

      1. Very true. Like Vincent Solandria surmised right after the assassination, “If Oswald survives the weekend, he’s guilty. If he doesn’t, the government’s guilty.”

    3. bogman, Epstein was the last person to converse with DeMohrenschildt. He points out that DeMohrenschildt left Dallas bound for New York, with awareness that just ten days earlier, (April 10, 1963) Oswald shot at General Edwin Walker. In Joan Mellen’s 2012 book, “Our Man in Haiti,” Joan quotes Joseph F. Dryer, Jr.’s description of his meeting with Clemard Charles and DeMohrenschildt on April 25. We know from declassified CIA documents that Wubriny/1 aka Thomas J. Devine, also met with both men in NYC on that same date. A 1961 article in an English language newspaper published in Haiti displays a description of Clemard Charles making a similar, “business development” trip to NYC. What is intriguing about these separate meetings conducted on the same day is that they came so soon after the April 10, Walker incident, and that it can be strongly documented that Thomas J. Devine and Dryer, Jr.’s brother and business partner, Peter, were members of a class of 20 students from kindergarten through ninth grade. Joseph Dryer is also listed as an alumni of the same school. Devine received a high school degree from that school, Allendale-Columbia in 1944. There were only nine others in his senior class.
      Devine was a partner in 1963 of John PC Train. Train is referred to in this May 8, 1963, CIA document as Wusaline.:
      http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=64083&relPageId=2 . Wubriny/1, Clemard Charles, and DeMohrenschildt are also mentioned. An undated NYmag article reveals, “….In 1991, he married (Helen) Musa Train, whom he had known since childhood (they have the same godfather).” The “he” was Paul Klebnikov, son of George Khlebnikoff and Alexandra Nebolsine, the granddaughter or an admiral of the imperial Russian navy, and a niece of George Nebolsine of the Coudert Bros. lawfirm and according to his obituary, a founder of the Bilderberg group. Helen Musa Train was born in 1963 and she happened to have the same godfather as a boy from a white Russian family. CIA documents say that Thomas J Devine had contact with DeMohrenschildt three more times in the weeks just after that April 25th meeting. Devine’s grandmother was the first cousin of Elon Huntington Hooker. This announcement includes Alexandra Nebolsine’s other uncle, Eugene.:
      ‎New York Times – Apr 11, 1933
      “Sister of Mrs. JD Rockefeller 3d to Become the Bride of Eugene Nebolsine, Is Son of Russian Admiral. Mr. and Mrs. Elon Huntington Hooker of this city and Chelmsford, Greenwich,”
      This research indicates that Wubriny/1 and Wusaline had the contacts through George Bush and George Khlebnikoff to find out anything they might want to know about DeMohrenschildt, yet
      the CIA created a record of meetings seeming to indicate that their assets Devine and Train knew nothing about him before April 25, 1963. Joseph Dryer Jr was brought to the attention of the HSCA by CIA asset James Kelsey Cogswell in 1977. DeMohrenschildt discovered a copy of the backyard photo and kept it a secret until hours before he died in 1977.

      1. TJ, I have traced a link between Devine and a small community in Ireland that suggests a connection with the Texas School Book Depository. It’s a circuitous route, but any who travel it can understand it. I can also share that the Davenport (Priscilla McMillan) link you uncovered with Sam Ballen in Santa Fe NM (close friend of a man named Bruce Calder whose wife was a travel agent for the American Society of Petroleum Geologist and ASP Engineers) may in fact connect to James H. Critchfield, CIA liaison between Reinhard Gehlen, Frank Wisner (the boss of William King Harvey) and Allen Dulles. Critchfield lead members of the Texas National Guard during WWII and later served as liaison between the oil industry and the CIA. His link in Santa Fe may involve the daughter of a Third Reich banker who resided in Wannsee outside of Berlin; she and her husband were known for long distance trekking which would relate not only to deMohrenshildt, but his close friend, Sam Ballen, a Dallas investment banker with Wertheimer out of NY, who in fact interviewed Lee Harvey Oswald for a job in Dallas. I’m not sure what skills Oswald might have brought to an investment bank.

    4. During the summer of 1963 LHO was a small part of a national operation by the CIA to sabotage and discredit the Fair Play For Cuba Committee (FPCC), which in turn was part of a larger operation to destroy Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution. When he was publicly “exposed”, as planned, as a Marxist and recent resident of the USSR his part in it was over. From there he drifted to Dallas and into history. He may or may not have been a patsy, but he was definitely a pawn.

      I was at the time an executive officer of the FPCC, and I assure you that we had no functioning chapter in New Orleans. Oswald’s claim was the creation of his and his handler’s imaginations, probably a spook named George Joannides. The FPCC, and my participation therein, came to an abrupt end fifty years ago today. It’s a bitter irony that LHO, by then probably insane, finally succeeded in his more modest, original mission.

      1. On what basis can any one call Oswald insane? This guy who did not even graduate high school managed in an extremely tense time to defect to our major adversary with certainly sensitive knowledge, return when he evidently choose and not be detained or arrested after renouncing his citizenship; then procure jobs through out Louisiana and Tx and allegedly with a totally worthless weapon shot three shots that have never been able to be duplicated, kill a President. This guy worked minimum wage jobs at 1.25 an hour and supposedly lived near poverty level and he could not drive yet he traveled it seems to me more than he worked. Pretty good for a “nut”.

    5. Who is the one man who is still alive after all these years that was a central figure in the case and has the force of power to keep a long held secret?
      Answer: Fidel Castro.

    6. Much of the Lone Nut “evidence” mentioned above depended upon testimony by either Marina Oswald or Ruth Paine. I’m skeptical of any testimony given by Marina Oswald, given that she was paid off handsomely soon after the assassination, by a non-existent film company. She contradicted herself so many times that it makes one wonder what kind of mental state she was in. Most likely she was in a fearful, confused state.

    7. Very well written but certain facts left out:
      1. Oswald had military security clearance and if so how would he flee to Russia and renounce his citzenship and then waltz back to the US and free to do as he pleases without CIA involvement?
      2. Unless this was orchestrated by highest levels of US government why did Bobby Kennedy as Attorney General do nothing about the coverup and CIA involvement? He had to see that Warren Commission was a joke.Was he blackmailed by Hoover and Johnson?
      3. Is it possible four ex US presidents participated in a coup? Nixon, Johnson, Ford and HW Bush? If so I seriously doubt any records remain of that conspiracy.Between Johnson and Nixon they must have been trashed or is there a record of witheld documents going back to Warreen Commission that indexes everything? I know the tapes from mexico city somehow disappeared under CIA of FBI control

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