4 thoughts on “Was Nixon referring to JFK’s assassination when said this about LBJ?”

  1. Of course Nixon is making a joke about the JFK assassination and he is indirectly pinning it on LBJ with that joke. Just look at his eyes at the end. George Christian was LBJ’s press secretary after George Reedy.

    Just as, of course, “the whole Bay of Pigs thing” was Nixon’s code word for it just as H.R. Haldeman says it was in his book.

    Those 2 perps are not mutually exclusive at all.

    Roger Stone says Nixon “never flatly said who was responsible [for the murder of JFK]. But he would say, ‘Both Johnson and I wanted to be president, but the only difference was I wouldn’t kill for it.”

    When Stone would press Nixon on who killed Kennedy Nixon “would shiver and say Texas.”

    1. I don’t know the answer, but I do believe JFK’s death paved the way for Nixon to make another try for the Presidency. He probably figured Goldwater would lose in 1964(as he did), and that he could run in 1968 against someone who wasn’t JFK or LBJ(of course we didn’t know LBJ wouldn’t run for re-election until his speech of March 31, 1968).

  2. Shane McBryde

    Anybody ever heard of this guy? Stumbled across the author while surfing YouTube. I had never heard of Benny Binion before. The author, Jim Gatewood seems to posses deep knowledge of the history of the seamier side of Dallas history.

    Jim Gatewood, author of Benny Binion: The Legend of Benny Binion, Dallas Gambler and Mob Boss

  3. Was it not Bob Dole who claimed that when he asked Nixon about JFK’s assassination the response he got was, “Don’t ask?”

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