2 thoughts on “Vigil to open files will be held on JFK’s birthday in May 2014”

  1. I can’t come to Washington. I will go to Worth Square in Fort Worth at noon to celebrate JFK’s 97th Birthday and promote the effort to FREETHEFILES. I might carry a sign about the subject. And call the MSM before though I’m sure they will ignore it all. If anyone cares to join me please feel free to do so.

  2. While the Free the JFK Files movement has a broad non-partisan base of support, and demonstrations, protests and even civil disobedience are possible tactics to be employed, I don’t like the idea of mounting an ill advised demonstration at the wrong place at a bad time.

    We have no gripe with the JFK Center for the Performing Arts, and have considered using its facilities for a film Fest and teach in, and I see no reason to antagonize those people.

    In addition the place is closed on July 4th, nobody will be there except security guards, Congress will not be in session and school is out and nobody in their right mind would be out doors in DC – built on a swamp, on the hottest day of the year.

    Rather, we are focusing on Sunshine Week in Mid March as a time to call for the release of the JFK records and get Congressional oversight hearings, doable goals.

    But those goals can be achieved without following Karl Golovin, whose basic background profile indicates he work(Ed) as a federal agent and security aide – a COP – covert operative personality profile, and possible agent provacateur. Why protest at the JFK CPA when it is NARA and CIA are the culprits, and why not demonstrate when students and pols are in town?

    Now they – Karl Golovin is calling for a day of vigil – where ever you are, on JFK’s birthday in late May, Memorial Day weekend.

    JFK is the only president memorialized on the day he died, rather than his birth, and COPA has traditionally met to celebrate JFK’s life and administration at American U on June 10.

    COPA will also honor MLK at his monument on the Mall on the anniversary of his murder. Calling for the release of the HSCA MLK files and remaining JFK records.

    Our efforts must be well developed and agreed on and not the result of hair brained tactics that could backfire and disrupt our serious efforts to achieve our reasonable and righteous goals.

    For moe info see COPA website Politicalassassionation.com


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