Video montage launches new JFK site

This gorgeous video launches Greg Burnham’s new JFK website,,

I don’t know Burnham but is described by Tree Frog (H/T) as “an experienced researcher” with “first hand knowledge of important people in the community.” If so, I look forward to exploring the site.

The video features rarely seen photographs of the presidential motorcade on November 22, 1963 and JFK’s funeral three days later.

3 thoughts on “Video montage launches new JFK site”

  1. Interestingly, Burnham is busy tossing people off his discussion board.

    And since no long gunman people are allowed, this is fellow conspiracists!

    He bans links to my website, and also the the Sixth Floor Museum. Narrow, narrow little circle there.

  2. Burnham’s site has a good, clean discussion of NSAM 263. JFK researchers need to study this material for what it says and doesn’t say.

    It’s clear to me JFK would not have plunged this country into war in Viet Nam. He arranged a neutrality deal in Laos in 1962 that included the Pathet Lao, the communist challengers in Laos.

    The neutrality deal stuck on paper, but only on paper. The Ho Chi Minh Trail snaked along the Laos-Viet Nam border, funneling soviet and chi-com supplies into south Viet Nam.

    Funny thing. LBJ was the consummate D.C. pro. He assumed he could exert his will on Viet Nam. He had no clue.

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