Vaughn Meader, forgotten comic of the Kennedy years.

Comedian Vaughn Meader shot to fame in early 1962 with his spot-on but affectionate send-ups of President Kennedy and his family. His LP record The First Family won a Grammy in 1963. When JFK was killed in Dallas, Meader was shattered and his career was over. He died in obscurity in 2004. He lives on in the heaven known as YouTube.

3 thoughts on “Vaughn Meader, forgotten comic of the Kennedy years.”

  1. Just as it’s difficult to explain to “post baby-boomers” how profoundly the Beatles affected our generation; It’s at least as difficult to explain how enormously the Kennedy phenomenon affected all who experienced those magical 1000 days. Vaughn Meader’s marvelous record was quoted and his anecdotes recited on a daily (if not hourly) basis by all generations. “And uh, thee uh rubbah duck – is mine”; And; “Oh well, what’s Lyndon doing then”; Were punchlines that stood alone and were repeated ad infinitum.

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