USA Today calls attention to the ‘other’ JFK assassination film

The national daily revisits a story that JFK Facts highlighted in March, a story that I only learned last fall when I met Gayle Nix Jackson at a book event in Charlottesville, Virginia, and heard the remarkable story of her grandfather.

Gayle’s quest to find the original film originates in both affection for her grandfather and a desire for historical truth. I don’t know if the original film will change our understanding of November 22 but it might. This is another case where we, meaning ordinary Americans, have to do what the government did not: obtain the best evidence and analyze it.

The respectful treatment of USA Today also shows how a mainstream news organization can cover the JFK story without sinking in the bog of apologetics or the swamp of conspiracy theories.

Wanted: The ‘other’ JFK assassination film.

2 thoughts on “USA Today calls attention to the ‘other’ JFK assassination film”

  1. S.R. "Dusty" Rohde

    One likely location of the missing “Nix Film” is here…
    This is located in Pennsylvania. If enough of us make inquiries, then perhaps Gayles dream of finding her grandfathers original film can come true. Contacts are listed below…
    Snailmail–Gates Foundation (Media)
    P.O.Box 23350
    Seattle, WA 98112
    Phone: Media Inquiries, (206)-709-3400

    There is a time for talking and a time for doing…won’t you help?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I too was happy that not only did our local ABC affiliate, WFAA covered the story without using the words “conspiracy buff” “Conspiracy theorists” or any of the myriad of words used for people who are still asking questions about the JFK case. I don’t know either if finding the original film will change our understanding of that horrible day…but it might. Isn’t that might worth finding?

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