Unicorn in Dealey Plaza

Ron Rosenbaum pointed out an error (now fixed!) in my post, “Five reasons why the JFK murder mystery can be solved,” written in response to his fascinating conversation with Errol Morris about the Zapruder film. Otherwise, he tweeted @ronrosenbaum1:

“can’t disagree. I would like a unicorn too. Proof beyond doubt.”

The apt image made me wonder. Is proof beyond a reasonable doubt about the causes JFK’s death “a unicorn?” That is to say, a magical creature who only shows up in fairy tales?





6 thoughts on “Unicorn in Dealey Plaza”

  1. Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    No. It is an elephant in a room with a two way mirror and cameras controlled by today’s Time-Warner.

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  3. “Is proof beyond a reasonable doubt about the causes JFK’s death “a unicorn?”

    Yes. The official version – the far-fetched myth – will remain the American Establishment’s historical “truth” no matter how much contrary evidence emerges in the future.

  4. Proof beyond reasonable doubt is a legal concept and I doubt whether the state of the evidence will ever allow it. However, if we look at the problem historically rather than legally I think it is safe to make some statements i.e. there was more than one shooter, i.e. there was near criminal incompetence by the FBI and the CIA.

    1. Based on what? Wishful thinking? There is absolutely no physical evidence that JFK and the Governor had any wounds that did not result from shots coming from the rear.

      1. There is so much proof that the kill shot came from the front. There are so many people who refuse to disbelieve what our government has told us about this assassination. The ostriches in this country should take their heads out of the sand and realize that this WAS a conspiracy and Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy.

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