A Tribute to Gary Mack

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza produced this memorial tribute to longtime Curator Gary Mack (1946-2015), which was presented at a memorial tribute event on August 24, 2015. Friends, family, and colleagues shared memories of Gary’s life and career.
Speakers featured in the video include: Hugh Aynesworth, journalist and author; Megan Bryant, Director of Collections and Intellectual Property, The Sixth Floor Museum; Eric Bushman, journalist, WBAP Radio; Brian Curtis, journalist/anchor, NBC 5/KXAS-TV; Stephen Fagin, Associate Curator, The Sixth Floor Museum; Mike Granberry, columnist, The Dallas Morning News; Nicola Longford, Executive Director, The Sixth Floor Museum; Quin Mathews, journalist and filmmaker; Dave Perry, assassination researcher; Richard Ray, journalist/anchor, Fox 4/KDFW-TV; John Sparks, writer/producer, DFW television news market; and Karin Strohbeck, Gary Mack’s wife.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Gary Mack”

  1. I was surprised by his passing which I found out after-the-fact.

    Gary Mack was kind enough to reply to me directly about certain issues that I believe were discussed on McAdam’s newsgroup a few years ago.

    Some may not have liked his change in his official stance regarding the assassination, but I believe he had a job to do at the Sixth Floor Museum which he did well.

    RIP Gary Mack.

  2. Gary Mack is the only person who has come clean in regards the existence of the WBAP, later KXAS and also NBC5 films which are still being withheld by the Network.

    The Darnell film, of which the 6th Floor Museum, according to GM, has a 1st generation copy (but won’t admit to having it) could be its only copy in existence since the original Jimmy Darnnell and Dave Weigman films were transported to NY (NBC HQ?) and have never been seen since!

    I wrote a piece about this, and it contains video of GM going into the NBC5 east Ft Worth basement that holds all the films, and notice how poorly preserved this lot is.

    If anything at all needs to turn up for close up inspection it is the Darnell and Weigman films.

    RIP Gary.

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