Top 5 most popular JFK Facts stories in January

Gail Raven’s timeless story about her admiring friend Jack Ruby stays in it perennial spot at #1, followed by a discussion of former White House information czar Cass Sunstein and the state of the case.

1) Ex-flame says Jack Ruby ‘had no choice’ but to kill Oswald (March 21, 2013)

Cass Sunstein fears disclosure

2) #HowtoSolveJFKin2014: engage Cass Sunstein and ‘government agents’ (Jan. 9, 2014)

3) The state of the JFK case in 2014 (Dec. 31, 2013)

4) If there was a JFK conspiracy, wouldn’t somebody have talked? (Jan. 20, 2014)

5) Readers defend DiEugenio, shred Shenon; (Jan. 6, 2014)


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