Top 5 JFK Facts stories in May

The most-read stories on JFK Facts in the month of May were:

1) What’s the most important piece of new JFK assassination evidence? (May 2, 2015)

2) Ex-flame says Jack Ruby ‘had no choice’ but to kill Oswald. (March 21, 2013)

3) JFK Facts debate about the CIA: Shenon v. Morrow (May 11, 2015)

4) Top 7 JFK files the CIA still keeps secret (April 14, 2015)

5) ‘Stunning’ new FBI study casts doubt on Warren Commission’s JFK findings (April 30, 2015)



2 thoughts on “Top 5 JFK Facts stories in May”

  1. Interesting the Gail Raven-Ruby story is still so actively read.
    One comment in May 2015, a couple each in February and March. A lot of posts by people I don’t recall seeing post on other stories.

  2. I want to call attention to photographic evidence at the scene of the JFK assassination, namely; Dark Complexioned Man’s (DCM) raised hand, and Z frame 317 (Z-317). DCM’s raised hand, when blown up, shows an apparatus attached to the back side of his hand which faces Zapruder. This apparatus contains two parts, the larger part near the fingers, and the smaller piece trailing down and laying between the thumb and first finger. Either this is a camera, communication device, or miniature weapon.
    Regarding Z-317 when blown up, this frame clearly shows a black-out cover spot on the back of JFK’s head which prevents view of the back of JFK’s head, allegedly where the skull was blown away and attested to by many witnesses. The point of my mentioning these particular photographic evidentiary records is because they show a pattern of conspiracy. DCM obviously was part of the operational communication ground crew which carried out the JFK assassination, as part of a coup d’état. He had never been identified, questioned, or spoken out about his role in the events of 11/22/63. Clearly, he is part of a group that was in communication regarding the Dealy Plaza ambush.
    The second part of the plot involved sanitizing controlled evidence. According to the records available, the CIA, FBI, and SS had access to the film within 24 hrs. after the JFK assassination. I find no witnesses that proclaimed Mr. Zapruder had a magical camera capable of inserting black-out patches on the film produced from his Bell & Howell camera; hence, the black-out patch that covers the back of JFK’s head, during the whole filmed assassination sequence, intentionally was placed there, ipso facto, to hide a certain reality of the murder – that at least one of the fatal bullets was fired from the front and blew out parts of the back of JFK’s head, leaving a notable and traceable wound. There were two simultaneous “first” shots that hit JFK, one in the throat and one in the back. The second shot hit Gov. Connelly, a shot missed hitting the curb, fragmenting, and injuring bystander Tague on the cheek, and the fourth and fifth shots simultaneously fired, struck JFK in the head from the back (head slammed down on chest (4th shot), then his whole body is violently pushed backwards and to the left (5th shot). The mechanics of the assassination are not as significant as the masterminding, cover-up, subsequent misinformation campaigns and withholding/altering/destroying documented evidence. The latter activities point back to the “originators of the coup,” deeply corrupt/co-opted and entrenched assets within all levels and domains of our state and federal governments, and within business and media operations. The JFK assassination was not just an act of murder, but treason at the highest levels of the then existing democracy called America. “The organizing principle of any society, Mr. Garrison, is for war. The authority of the state over its people resides in its war powers” (Mr. X, from the film JFK.)

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