Thread of the week: Why the CIA destroyed Oswald evidence

In trying to answer the question of Soviet leaders Nikita Khrushchev, “What really happened,” we drilled down on the life of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963, especially the U.S. government’s surveillance of the accused assassin that was not disclosed to the Warren Commission or to the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

We answered the questions, Did the CIA track Oswald before JFK was killed? (Yes). DId the CIA destroy a tape recording of someone identifying himself as “Lee Oswald” in Mexico City? (Yes). And were there pre-assassination CIA cables about Oswald that were never shown to investigators. (Probably).

What conclusions can we draw about this record on the 50th anniversary?

My view is that the record shows that that top CIA officials, led by deputy director Richard Helms and counterintelligence chief James Angleton, obstructed the investigation of the death of the president. If the president was killed by one man, alone and unaided, why conceal evidence that would support that conclusion? The most plausible conclusion is that the evidence witheld and destroyed did not support that conclusion. More likely, Helms and Angleton sought to conceal their own responsibility for the president’s wrongful death in an effort to protect their positions of power and their reputations. They succeeded.


4 thoughts on “Thread of the week: Why the CIA destroyed Oswald evidence”

  1. Do you know it is possible that Oswald wasn’t killed by Ruby as there was no blood on stretcher his body or floor!

  2. Documents will be released; it just wont be 100 percent of what is there or was there. The national archives has already stated they do not know the exact number of pages. which is smart because it will allow them to misplace how ever many pages they have too. Considering Sheryl Shenberger is the director of the NDC, we might as well call it the government funded and sanctioned paper shredder. No matter who works there aside from her just the fact that she is director means the CIA calls the shots on each and every page to be released or not released regardless of the legislation passed in 1992 and 2009.

  3. There are two reasons why the CIA destroyed much of its information relating to Oswald. 1) The CIA and/or US military intelligence were involved in the JFK assassination. The name of Gen. Edward Lansdale, who wrote Operation Northwoods materials, comes to mind. He was photographed 5 feet west of TSBD on 11/22/63.

    The other reason is the Oswald was US intelligence with a fake public persona of a pro-Castro Marxist. Oswald was anything but that.

    Re: Oswald’s intelligence connections read:

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  4. Here’s a follow-up question regarding the CIA and any files still being withheld today:
    Would it be possible for the CIA to stonewall the release of the remaining JFK-assassination related files until 2017, and then destroy those files, as they allegedly have done to other records, either by buying more time with further extensions beyond 2017, or by coming out in 2017 and saying: “We have no files.”

    Or are the files to difficult for whatever reason (duplicates? or maybe that other people already know with certainty that specific files exist and have some kind of record of what they are—just not the exact contents) for the agency to completely destroy the remaining files?

    The reason I ask is, from what I know of government agencies, their first obligation isn’t to serve any function, but to stay alive/funded, and from what I can tell, CIA isn’t going to die anytime soon, nor probably should it (in my opinion). We need some kind of intelligence, but I also agree with the late Harry Truman that this agency overstepped its original charter and has acted like a pit bull biting its owner’s children when the “dog” was originally supposed to protect the household (USA). If *I* were a cynical CIA agency head, I sure wouldn’t want to let the public get its hands on anything that incriminated my agency in the murder of a president. I would fight tooth and nail to keep that stuff hidden, destroyed, unknown and buried forever. And I think that is exactly what CIA is doing. To me it’s such an OBVIOUS game plan that they are conducting.

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