‘They will try to put the blame on us’

“Now, they will have to find the assassin quickly, but very quickly, otherwise, you watch and see, I know them, they will try to put the blame on us for this thing.”

Fidel Castro to French journalist Jean Daniel on November 22, 1963. From “When Castro Heard the News,”in The New Republic, Dec. 7, 1963.


Castro was right.

Within hours of JFK’s death on November 22, 1963, members of the Cuban Student Directorate, a CIA-funded organization based in Miami, linked suspected assassin Lee Oswald to Cuban president Fidel Castro. They were “the presumed assassins.” The allegation was published in a special edition of the group’s publication, Trinchera (Trenches) dated November 23, 1963.

This was the first JFK conspiracy theory to reach public print. According to declassified records, it was paid for by a decorated undercover CIA officer, the late George Joannides.

The leaders of the Directorate, also known by its Spanish acronym DRE, received $51,000 a month from the CIA, according to this April 1963 memo found in the JFK Library in Boston.

Within the CIA, the Directorate was known by the code name AMSPELL. The group was “conceived, created and funded by the Agency in September 1960 and terminated in December 1966,” according to a CIA memo, dated April 1967.

“Members were used through 1966 as political action agents for publishing propaganda … and producing radio propaganda and special propaganda campaigns,” the CIA memo states.

Castro’s intuition proved correct.

“They” — the U.S. government and the CIA — tried to blame him for killing Kennedy.

See:  Fidel Castro: ‘Oswald Could Not Have Been the One Who Killed Kennedy’ – Jeffrey Goldberg – The Atlantic.

6 thoughts on “‘They will try to put the blame on us’”

  1. So basically the cia paid for the very first Castro did it theory (in a newspaper) just a few hours after his murder. Were not Joannides and propagandist Phillips cia associates? Both with Oswald related contacts?

  2. Jeff keeps claiming that the CIA was trying to blame Castro, but his own article on this admits that the DRE asked their CIA contact whether they could go ahead and blame Castro, and were told to hold off.

    They went ahead anyway. Loose cannons on the deck.


    Ninety minutes later, a suspect, Lee Oswald, was arrested. Not long after that Joannides received a call from the Cuban students saying they knew all about the accused assassin. He told them not to go public until he could check with Washington. They went public anyway.

    Then there is the fact that in Jeff’s book on Win Scott, he shows that Scott and David Atlee Phillips (in Mexico City) were not trying to blame Castro, and indeed were trying to tamp down talk that the Cubans paid Oswald to shoot Kennedy.

    Mann (the Ambassador) was the fellow who wanted to blame Castro.

    1. I’ve read “Our Man in Mexico”, and that’s not the impression that I got. While Win Scott was following directions from Washington to quiet down any talk of an Oswald-Cuban connection to the assassination, Phillips was going along with the Alvarado charade. He changed his story on that episode a few times over the years. He was a master of propaganda – get someone else to spread disinformation, and keep in the background.

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