The Unspeakable in Dallas

Writing in the New York Times, a native of Dallas notes the oddness of the ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination on Friday.

The reality of Dallas on that day will go unmentioned. It will be, in the words of James Douglass, Unspeakable.

“Dallas being Dallas, it will be quite the show: a jet flyover, a performance from the Naval Academy Men’s Glee Club and remarks from the historian David McCullough on Kennedy’s legacy.”

“But once again, spectacle is likely to trump substance: not one word will be said at this event about what exactly the city was in 1963, when the president arrived in what he called, just moments before his death, ‘nut country.’”

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3 thoughts on “The Unspeakable in Dallas”

  1. Wow. In the NYT. The only place reporting Anything on this was on here, the Committee on Political Assassinations web site and in the Dallas Observer. James Tague needs an escort (and a ticket) to exactly where he was standing at 12:30 on 1/22/63 for the sake of History.

  2. We don’t “celebrate the legacy” of Lincoln at Ford’s Theater. Nor should we; there are far more appropriate settings for that. Yet again, Dallas shows its utter lack of competency, to say nothing of style.

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