About the Warren Report: why no index?

In response to Monday’s call for 140-word comments on the 50th anniversary, Cary writes,  “What you need to know about the Warren Commission report is…

“… it astonishingly failed to include a subject matter index to the report, hearings and exhibits,….so that any serious reader could effectively relate the evidence gathered by the Commission to its conclusions.

“Sylvia Meagher, a research analyst at the UN’s World Health Organization, prepared her ‘Subject Index to the Warren Report’ in 1965, a herculean task which she performed with index cards, and two years later published ‘Accessories After the Fact,’ demonstrating in exhaustive detail the irreconcilable differences between the findings of the Warren Report and its own 26 volumes of hearings and exhibits.

“She and other first generation assassination researchers were able to establish early on the methods of suppression and distortion of evidence, and repeated coercion of witnesses, employed by Commission lawyers to reach the preconceived conclusion of Oswald’s guilt.”

—Cary Jennings, Fort Worth Texas


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