‘The Parkland Doctors’: the men who tried to save JFK’s life

Last week, I gave $63 on Indiegogo to support completion of this documentary, “The Parkland Doctors.” I hope you will do the same. Bringing together all these doctors to recount their experience in simple factual style will help complete and clarify the historical record of JFK’s assassination.

Source: JFK Assassination Documentary ‘Parkland Doctors’ Seeks Crowdfunding | Variety

2 thoughts on “‘The Parkland Doctors’: the men who tried to save JFK’s life”

  1. Hey Jeff, did you get your Kennedy half-dollar yet? Is it a real silver 1964 piece or a copper -clad?
    How about your poster?
    Obviously something is not kosher about this whole exercise.If they raised the amount of money they needed to put a movie ” already completed” out months ago, what happened? Supposedly it was going to be released to the faithful in Nov. 2015.
    There is more than one way to make a buck off of CT gullibility.

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