7 thoughts on “The (national security) state we’re in”

  1. The CIA gets what it want’s. An incomplete statement regarding the executive branch. “Or Else” should be added. Or else the President will be destroyed, one way or the other.

  2. Full Spectrum Dominance, plus a sock puppet “unitary executive”, plus a technologically perfected Public Relations Regime, and you have the 21st century schizoid world…psychopathy unbound.

  3. Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    That, apparently, is what happens 51 years after an unacknowledged CIA coup.

    In that context, elections are nothing more than diversion from the locomotive in the living room. The JFK assassination is about the lack of legitimacy in the entire political process in 2015, and more people need to make that clear.

  4. gerry campeau

    “The CIA gets what it wants,” Obama bluntly told his aides
    Talk about a Trojan horse. Billy Kristol prognostications has proved remarkably accurate” nothing will change under Obama.

  5. That book reads like it was written by a propagandist, designed to make the CIA look like heroic badasses, with the context being that Obama became a “pragmatist” after realizing having a conscience and wanting change was just naivety. This author is an example of exactly the kind of “access journalism” that Michael Hastings rallied against. Hastings also described this system as the “media-military-industrial-complex.”
    If you really want to know what it means when Obama says, “The CIA gets what it wants, read my blog. https://nominay.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/panetta-obama-and-the-central-intelligence-agency/

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