The late Richard Schweiker on the Warren Commission

Robert passes along an excerpt of what the late  Senator Richard Schweiker (R-Pennsylvania) said on Face the Nation in 1976. When asked about the Warren Commission report, Schweiker replied:

I think that the report, to those who have studied it closely, has collapsed like a house of cards, and I think the people who read it in the long-run future will see that. I frankly believe that we have shown that the [investigation of the] John F. Kennedy assassination was snuffed out before it even began, and that the fatal mistake the Warren Commission made was not to use its own investigators, but instead to rely on the CIA and FBI personnel, which played directly into the hands of senior intelligence officials who directed the cover-up.

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  1. Various Church Committee information and documents were recently posted in July 2015 by the National Security Archives.

    The introduction article within the NSA link below indicates that “Among White House and Intelligence Community stated concerns during the period of the Church and Pike inquiries were preserving the effectiveness of the CIA and reassuring future operatives who might fear their “heads may be on the block” for their actions, no matter how well-intentioned. But intelligence officials also worried that disclosures of agency operations would be “disastrous” for CIA’s standing in the world: “We are a great power and it is important that we be perceived as such,” a memo to the president warned, urging that “our intelligence capability to a certain extent be cloaked in mystery and held in awe.”

    It appears the Ford Administration may have attempted to curb the CIA probe being conducted by Congress, as per the link below.

    1. I find it interesting that the CIA is accused usually rather than rogue elements of the CIA, certain members. Interesting that the brother of the Mayor of Dallas, CIA Deputy Director General Charles Cabell, fired by JFK, along with his boss was CIA Director Allen Dulles who served with Ford on Johnson’s Commission (W.C.) The brother of the Governor of Florida in 2000, Bush 43, family boss and CIA Director under Ford, Bush41 was also fired, forced to resign by Al Gore and Bill Clinton when they defeated Bush in 1992. Both JFK and Gore could have been the next Presidents. Coincidence?

    2. The Church Committee was a critical opening into the noir world of so-called “Intelligence”.

      Coming into focus at that time were some unsavory characters:

      White House Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld, and Rumsfeld’s assistant, Dick Cheney, first make their appearance in the executive branch under Nixon and Ford.

      This dynamic duo has had a deep and disturbing effect on the nation and the world both overtly in political office, and covertly in the ‘Continuity of Government’ scheme of the deep state. That they are deeply involved in continuing the agenda spawned by the coup d’etat in Dallas, November 1963 is beyond reasonable doubt.

      That Ford was an important part of this is also quite obvious.

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