The late John Judge on JFK records

Asked in 1992 what he expected to find in still-closed JFK records, Judge replied,

“What’s more important is the principle that this public information and it belongs to us, the people of the United States and not to some secret government or intelligence network or any president or any Congress who are merely hired by us to do our bidding.”

Twenty-two years later, John’s principle has yet to be vindicated with the CIA still withholding files that are obviously relevant to JFK’s assassination. (Here are seven examples of what John was talking about.)

John, a founder of the Committee to Open the Archives and the Committee on Political Assassinations, died on April 15, 2014, in Washington DC. He is mourned by friends and adversaries alike in the JFK wars for his dedication, dignity, and knowledge he brought to the cause of full disclosure and historical truth.


  1. Jonathan says:

    John Judge was convinced U.S. forces killed JFK.

    I’m convinced the U.S. military had a hand. At least in the cover-up.

    Many here believe the CIA had a hand in the assassination.

    • Charles Beyer says:

      Jonathan, In following the Bill Kelly & Ed Primeau AF-1 audio tapes research that both believe have been edited I cannot understand from what IS there to be heard why the Pentagon was not in immediate contact with AF-1 once LBJ arrived on board for instructions on responding to JFK’s assassination. That question intensifies now that the public is aware of the Northwoods & Furtherance plans. Other than the part about finding & transporting Gen Lemay back to Washington the Joint Chiefs are absent from communicating with their new Commander In Chief. It’s looks like a pre-determined stand down to a lot of people. If it was a stand down, John Judge was correct that the bullets came from the Pentagon, regardless of who & where the shooters were in Dealey Plaza.

      • Jonathan says:


        As I’ve thought about Finck’s testimony in the Clay Shaw trial, where Jim Garrison elicited something deeply secret from Finck — that high-ranking officers in the gallery gave orders on how to conduct the autopsy — it’s clear to me the top of the armed forces were in on the assassination and played a central role in the cover-up. That conclusion is inescapable.

        The focus here and elsewhere has been on the CIA. I’ve come to think the CIA holds some interesting secrets but wasn’t the major perp; just a player in a complex game.

        I’ve studied Angleton, for example, who some believe held the reins on Oswald. I’ve zero reason based on the factual record to believe JJA orchestrated the assassination.

        LeMay and Lemnitzer, on the other hand, demonstrated killer instincts, with no reservation.

        • Preston Newe says:

          Some believe the US military & the intelligence agencies are married while others look upon them as casual shack jobs. They routinely conduct business together; it’s not unusual for military & civilian employees working at any given military installation to see CIA aircraft & transport vehicles coming & going. The missing code books on military aircraft looks to me to be an inside job for a pre-arranged military stand down. I believe that is why there is no interaction between the Pentagon & AF-1 on the AF-1 tapes, the JCS already knew Russia, Cuba & China were not involved in the ambush & murder of JFK. If the CIA was completely innocent of involvement in the ambush, then there would be no withheld records for Jeff Morley & his supporters to fight the CIA for release.

        • As I’ve thought about Finck’s testimony in the Clay Shaw trial, where Jim Garrison elicited something deeply secret from Finck — that high-ranking officers in the gallery gave orders on how to conduct the autopsy — it’s clear to me the top of the armed forces were in on the assassination and played a central role in the cover-up. That conclusion is inescapable.

          No, read Manchester.

          Or read the HSCA on that.

          The people on the seventeenth floor (Jackie, Bobby, McNamara, etc.) were regularly calling down and asking when it was going to be over.

          They were putting pressure on the people in the autopsy theater to finish up.

          You have ignored one thing about Finck’s testimony: he said “the family” wanted an examination of the head:

          Here is what Gen. McHugh said:

          McHugh said that Bobby Kennedy and Ken O’Donnell frequently telephoned him during the autopsy from their suite. On all occasions RFK and O’Donnell only asked to speak with McHugh. McHugh said they inquired about the results, about why the autopsy was taking so much time, and about the need for speed and efficiency while still performing the required examinations. McHugh said he never stated or implied that the doctors should limit the autopsy in any manner but merely reminded them to work as efficiently and quickly as possible. McHugh said that even after he would inform RFK and O’Donnell that the autopsy would require several hours they would still frequently call to ask why it was taking so long and when it would be completed.

  2. In this remarkable reply to a C-Span questioner in 1992, there is one claim that troubles my credulity. John Judge claims that the JCS told his mother they were projecting a “10 year Vietnam war” with “57,000 American casualties”. Can this be independently verified beyond his own hearsay? It sounds almost too “prophetically” accurate to be reasonably believed.
    His testimony of our government’s clandestine cover-up however, that awful “hidden secret in the American psyche”, remains as true and troubling today as it did back then.
    Why do our major network news media outlets still resist this honest inquiry? What are they really afraid of? The personal safety of themselves and their own? This would be understandable if political pressure were still being exercised from somewhere above I’m guessing. Or perhaps its simply a lost cause whose revival they’ve lost faith in.
    I regret my long unfamiliarity with John Judge’s informed and passionate perspective on this matter in the sad advent of his passing. His was an eloquent voice in pursuit of that larger truth whose buried secret has too long poisoned the well of honest and civilized American discourse.

  3. JG says:

    John judge said in this video that Oliver Stone’s Movie JFK is the most accurate account of The JFK Assassination.


  4. Gerry Simone says:

    I didn’t know John Judge or his work. He was a brave man with integrity and conviction. Excellent video.

    May he RIP.

    • Alain says:

      You can find a lot of Judge’s writings on

      I was particulary intrigued by the stuff about Jim Jones. That is, until I read an essay by a relative of one of the victims in Jonestown and I felt callous, uncaring, and wrong.

      However tittlilating some theories might be there is a social obligation to verify or at least validate before accusing, unless you are unconcerned with additional victims.

  5. Ramon F Herrera says:

    Here’s the full event, in much higher quality:

    and here’s John Judge’s Wikipedia entry:

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