Talking about ‘The Kennedy Half Century’

On October 14, I’ll  be speaking at the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia in a discussion of Larry Sabato’s new book, ‘The Kennedy Half Century.”

As I wrote here recently, “Sabato ventures where most pundits fear to tread” in delving into the causes of JFK’s assassination.

If you’re near Charlottesville, consider attending. You can register online here.

2 thoughts on “Talking about ‘The Kennedy Half Century’”

  1. Kevin L. Maguire

    I was an 8 year old Canadian boy when JFK was murdered and it changed my world as it did to so many the world over. We had the hero for our times taken from us by power hungry, bloodthirsty fools. Every day since then I have read all I can to figure out in my own heart and mind who did this horrendous crime. After 50 years I have come to the conclusion that LBJ was the orchestra leader and various individuals like Allen Dulles and Hoover, Hunt and Morales, were one part the shooters, the second part the coverup, only Johnson was in a position to manipulate all the details. I believe 8 shots were fired and JFK hit only twice both from the front, Connolly was also struck twice not once. I do not believe Oswald was anything other than what he said, a patsy, he was set up and it worked.

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