When is the JFK assassination is going to be solved?

“The JFK case is being solved, thanks largely to the brute force of the power of the Internet,” writes attorney Bill Simpich.

Maybe he’s got a point: the CIA’s JFK story is getting a wee bit wobbly.

Source: FOCUS | The Murder of JFK: Another Puzzle Piece Solved


… thanks largely to the brute force of the power of the Internet.

Source: FOCUS | The Murder of JFK: Another Puzzle Piece Solved

6 thoughts on “When is the JFK assassination is going to be solved?”

  1. Paul,

    One of the intriguing things about this case is that people
    Like Hill and Westbrook were in on the planning of the killing of
    JFK -Hill planted shells and invented imaginary witnesses at
    The Tippit crime scene, while Westbrook saw the Oswald
    Wallet at the Tippit crime scene and said nothing about it,
    And both of them buried numerous evidence items during the course of the

    Meanwhile, people like Katzenbach were not part of the planning, but
    concluded that a coverup was the safest approach to take in order to
    Quell domestic unrest.

    Separating out those two groups of people is difficult but necessary.

    1. Bill, I didn’t mean to imply that Katzenbach was in on the planning, but it appears to me that the “domestic unrest”(your quotes), came about as result of how the coverup was handled.

  2. The simple reason that the full truth of the JFK assassination has not been revealed to the everlasting heartache and frustration of generations of Americans is directly connected to the anti-Constitutional treachery of a U.S. intelligence agency to unilaterally ignore civilian authority and obstruct the case for 50+ years.

    Until the CIA is brought to account on this case by the citizenry and its elected representatives, this cat and mouse game will continue for another 50 years.

  3. Although we don’t “know” who actually shot Kennedy, or why, we do know that we were lied to by members of the Dallas Police Department, the FBI, the CIA, the Warren Commission, and its staff. We know, moreover, that the autopsy doctors lied about the location of the back wound, while under pressure to tell such a lie. This raises all sorts of questions. Did these men lie because they “knew” their new commander-in-chief wanted there to be no doubt about the legitimacy of his rise to power? Or was it simpler than that? Did they lie because they “knew” deep down Oswald must have been guilty and weren’t about to let a commie-symp traitor get away with it?

  4. I believe the cover-up of this horrible crime was just as dangerous as the crime itself. It’s time to try to blend some common sense in with the “facts” of this assassination. For instance, when Katzenbach wrote that memo stating that the public must be led to believe Oswald killed JFK, was Katzenbach sure it WAS Oswald? No. This is a most important thread, and I hope there are many comments on it.

  5. As far as I’m concerned it’s been solved. The question is no longer when will it be solved? The question is; when will those perps put their hands up! Yes I’m talking about the CIA.

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