The History of the CIA: A course you’ll want to take

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Let’s talk about the CIA

I interrupt our regularly scheduled JFK programing for this commercial announcement:

For the past two years I have been teaching a course called “The History of the CIA: 1947 to Today” at the University of California in the District of Columbia (UCDC) The course revolves around a weekly discussion and debate of the CIA today and in the future.

I am offering the course online via Oplerno, an open learning organization.

JFK Fact Readers. Put “JFK” after your name on the enrollment form and receive $150 back on the first day of class.

Oplerno: an open learning organization

Want to know more? Go to

Over the course of twelve weeks, we will talk, discuss and debate the work of the CIA. The goal is to understand the agency’s record, organization, culture, history, sources, methods, lingo, and leading personalities.

You will find a syllabus and week-by-week description of the class here.

By the end of September, I guarantee you will be able to speak and write with confidence about the role of the Central Intelligence Agency in the U.S. government and the world.

Classes start on July 6. You can get college credit. Enroll here.

Got a question about the course? Visit Or talk to me.


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    1. Absolutely. yes. You can watch the video lectures and listen to the podcasts in whichever time zone you live. You can email with me or we can schedule a Skype call for office hours.

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