The folly of trying to control speech on the JFK anniversary

Dallas Observer columnist Jim Schutze nails the point about the proposed 50th anniversary events in Dealey Plaza next November.

“Nothing could be crazier or sadder. It is the continued determination of a small group of people in Dallas to tightly control public observations of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination here. They want to banish the public from where it happened so that no one can go there and raise questions.”



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  1. Many of the VIPs on the Dallas committee to commemorate the 50th anniversary of JFK’s murder are personally or professionally related to the Bush or Lyndon Johnson family. There are many, many JFK researchers who believe Lyndon Johnson was involved in the JFK assassination.

    Ray Lee Hunt, the son of H.L. Hunt, has a representative on this committee. H.L. Hunt is someone who I believe was involved in the JFK assassination. Ray Lee Hunt was a sophmore at SMU at the time of the JFK assassination.

    A significant minority of JFK researchers believe George Herbert Walker Bush was involved in the JFK assassination due to his deep CIA ties and his involvement with the Bay of Pigs invasion, as well as his close ties to anti-Castro Cuban radicals.

    GHW Bush even released anti-Castro Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch from jail at the behest of his son Jeb Bush, who was the point man on that issue. (The anti-Castro Cuban radicals, of course, hated John Kennedy as did prominent Texas oil men and Lyndon Johnson).

    Web link:

    The reason Dallas is so “sensitive” to the JFK assassination is because (some) of the Dallas business power elite and the most prominent (and epicly corrupt) politician in Texas – Lyndon Baines Johnson – and Texas intelligence operatives (think David Atlee Phillips, possibly GHW Bush & others) were involved in the murder of John Kennedy.

    And then Texas law enforcement, along with Hoover (who was pretty much owned by Texas oilmen as well as being a personal friend to LBJ) covered it all up.

    Texas business and political elites murdered JFK. Many in Dallas don’t want to talk about this.

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