The first of 50 reasons to doubt the JFK story

This interview with retired colonel Fletcher Prouty launches Len Osanic’s heroic series from 2013, “50 Reasons for 50 Years.”

You don’t have to agree with everything Prouty said (or that Osanic says) to admire the conviction and care that went into this series of reports on JFK’s assassination.


  1. Ronnie Wayne says:

    I’ve not yet taken time to finish this series. But through the 28th? segment I saw last in December every one was excellent. Thanks for reminding me. I will make time to finish it. What I’ve seen so far more than justifies the time.

  2. Yarongus says:

    I wish that the presentation of this series looked better and more serious. It takes away from the good material that it has. This is what keeps me from recommend it.I watched all 50 espisodes, amazing. If they just took the creepy music out it would improve a lot and would have a less “conspiracy theory” tone in it.

  3. anonymous says:

    “Colonel Fletcher Prouty found his writings essentially barred from the most generally accessible publications after he had been published in the likes of The Nation and The New Republic (…”
    It is a telling indictment of the lack of access to the corporate press that the following appeared in a 1975 issue of Gallery, a popular “skin” magazine which billed him as the National Affairs Editor:

    “Army Aid to Help Protect President Kennedy Was Refused. An Army Intelligence (112th Military Intelligence Group at Fort Sam Houston,Texas) was told to “Stand Down”. “All the Secret Service had to do was nod and these units [which had been trained at the Army’s top Intelligence school at Camp Holabird, Maryland] would have performed their normal function of Protection for the President in Dallas.”

    Prouty talks about the CIA and “Mr X” here:

    “You don’t have to agree with everything Prouty said (or that Osanic says) to admire the conviction and care that went into this”

    You don’t have to agree with everything John Hankey said ( ) to admire the care that went into his videos either:

    John Hankey implicated Bush, but defends LBJ:

  4. Jonathan says:

    An excellent series. Lots of good interviews and information. Len Osanic is a true expert in the JFK assassination.

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