The Devil’s Chessboard and the new political landscape

By focusing on the one man at the epicenter of both World War II and the Cold War as well as the assassination – Allen Welsh Dulles, Talbot puts his finger on the pulse of power, and without promoting any conspiracy theory in regards to the assassination, he sets the stage for rational discussion and historic acceptance of such theories, for certainly one of them must be true.

Source: JFKcountercoup: The Devil’s Chessboard and the New Political Landscape

2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Chessboard and the new political landscape”

  1. It came today. It is going to require a second reading. Then a 3rd or fourth with a highlighter to fully absorb it. Fifty pages in I realize this. The prologue had me going, who is Martinez, I’ve never read of him? Will he be detailed later? Though I’m no literary judge, it is presented in a highly readable but VERY informative context. So much more detail added to the little I’ve read before.

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