The CIA’s sources and methods in Hollywood

VICE News has a revealing story about the CIA, with the help of the Obama White House, used Hollywood to sell the idea of torture in the Oscar winning movie Zero Dark Thirty.

The movie, VICE observers, “stongly suggested that the use of torture led the agency to bin Laden, a narrative that current and former CIA officials promoted in numerous op-eds and interviews after bin Laden was killed. That the narrative was so prominently featured in ZDT angered Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who fired off a letter to the president of Sony Pictures objecting to what she called a ‘false narrative.’

Here’s how the story begins:

“On April 21, 2011, Mark Boal called the CIA to tell them he was going to Afghanistan. The previous year, the screenwriter had been at a dinner when CIA director Leon Panetta asked Boal to alert the agency if he ever traveled to the country. … ”

“Less than two weeks after Boal made the call, a team of Navy SEALs raided the al Qaeda leader’s compound in Pakistan and killed him. … Boal began writing a different screenplay about what one lawmaker called “the most classified mission in history” — the killing of bin Laden…. and the CIA would play a huge role in the creation of the script.”

From Tequila, Painted Pearls, and Prada: How the CIA Helped Produce ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ | VICE News

3 thoughts on “The CIA’s sources and methods in Hollywood”

  1. As Private Operations Director of Aqua Delta 69 after 9-11-2001 Guiding All Agencies, but being cut off from the Biggest Prosecutions. We tracked Bin Laden based on his videos. We had people sit on certain News Agencies where the videos were being released. We got The Al Qaida Boss in Iraq 2 years before we got Bin Laden because Gen. Stanley MacChrystal used my method and tracked him back via the video courriers. Also certain intel operatives in press agencies.

  2. I’m looking forward to the upcoming film based on the life of Barry Seal….I’m hoping it will be based on the truth, and if it is it should shed light on a lot of ‘dark’ information…

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