The CIA’s presidential briefings before November 22, 1963

Veteran JFK researcher Bill Kelly asks a good question about the CIA’s media blitz at the LBJ Library in Austin Texas last week.

The CIA was eager to tout how the Agency briefed the new President Lyndon B. Johnson after the death of JFK.

“What about the presidential briefings leading up to the assassination?” Kelly asks.

“They are even more relevant to who killed him – especially the reports on the Venezuelan arms cache – a covert operation directly connected to what happened at Dealey Plaza.”

For more on the story of the CIA’s briefing of JFK on the Venezuelan arms cache, see The Road to Dallas, by diplomatic historian David Kaiser.

What was the CIA telling JFK on the eve of the intelligence failure that culminated in Dallas?

You can read the daily reports that the CIA provided to JFK in early November 1963 by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “The CIA’s presidential briefings before November 22, 1963”

  1. CIA officer Desmond Fitzgerald briefed President Kennedy on Cuban Operations on November 12, 1963 – and the Special Group Augumented of the National Security Council two days later. Are there any public records of these briefings?

  2. The CIA briefing staff who compiled the daily reports put together an interesting brig for the president on November 22 1963 – that they knew would be read by the new president that makes mention of JFK’s remarks to the press when he learned of the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba.

    What were those remarks they were referring to?

    Also, for more on the Venezuelan arms cache see Joe Smith’s Portrait of a Cold Warrior and


  3. Thanks, Jeff, for the link to Kaiser’s book.
    His mention of the White House meeting between JFK, Rusk and Dez Fitzgerald, at p.300, jibes with Waldron’s theory about a planned coup in Cuba enlisting Gen. Almeida and portions of the military.
    When Fitzgerald mentions that it had become almost impossible to infiltrate agents into Cuba, that also jibes with Waldron’s theory that LHO’s attempt to obtain a Cuban visa in Mexico City may have been an attempt to infiltrate HIM into Cuba, for a planed assassination of Fidel.

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