6 thoughts on “The CIA’s Oswald claim ‘has been exposed as a lie’”

  1. James Hosty and Jack Revill did not get along. Hosty remarked that the Dallas police “were desperately trying to shift the attention and blame to anyone but themselves”. The Dallas police were being assaulted by the media because of how they were handling the assassination. Hoover publicly chastised the Dallas police for not heeding the warning that Oswald would be shot. It looked like every agency for itself, everyone not sharing what they knew nor cooperating and trying to pass the blame on to someone else. Conflict of interests? Or covering their own mistakes. But the Warren Commission did disregard Revill’s testimony and why?

  2. Has anyone heard about, Jack Revill, in charge of Dallas police intelligence? Revill testified that Hosty told him on November 22 that the FBI had been watching Oswald and knew he was capable of killing Kennedy. The WC disregarded his testimony but he has always stuck to his story.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with R. Truitt above ^.Jess. Well expressed. The portion of your excellent US News Opinion article that jumps off the page is for me is this: ‘The new records show that Oswald was the subject of extraordinary interest all along. In 1961, he was part of a group of only 300 Americans whose mail was intercepted, opened and read’.

    This suggests to me Lee Oswald’s weapons purchases & delivery were known by those monitoring his mail (if he ordered them at all).

    1. Oswald was being surveilled at the Dallas Post Office due to his subscriptions to leftist magazines, so yes – the purchase of firearms through his post office box should have generated reports. As well, firearms transactions conducted through the mail required signed paperwork on receipt and the Dallas post office never produced it. It should have been routine but it doesn’t exist.

  4. Mr. Morley, getting the proper JFK information (like JFK Facts) to the masses is like a long football game that after three quarters (50 years) your team is beginning to score points (making in roads) against the opposition. Every play doesn’t result in a touch down but it moves us closer and closer to the goal. The goal being to get ALL JFK related files released to the public NOW. You are doing a bang up job with this site and the interviews you are doing and the articles you are writing. If you’re not being told this please know that thousands appreciate your efforts.

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