The CIA’s new JFK story: ‘the benign coverup’

Charles Pierce at Esquire has an apt observation about Politico’s revelation this week that CIA director John McCone, as part of a “benign coverup,” hid relevant information from investigators of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Pierce writes: “It’s increasingly difficult to accept the notion that so flawed an investigation, honeycombed by people with agendas contrary to its stated purpose, hobbled by lying witnesses, and denied access to relevant documents and information that might have related to the motive behind the crime, somehow stumbled into the correct conclusion anyway.”

4 thoughts on “The CIA’s new JFK story: ‘the benign coverup’”

  1. There’s no such thing as a benign coverup. McCone is a limited hangout, known to most of us as a scapegoat. Because he was an outsider, appointed by JFK, out of the inner loop he didn’t know what he was denying. His thrust into the limelight is part of the coverup. See Operation Mockingbird.

    1. Mike

      I agree on McCone and the likely reason is because he was a JFK nominee and not a true CIA man , which can be spun in such a way.

      It would seem to be to be a crime for the CIA to not name the other senior officers and all committed a crime in obstructing justice for a currently unsolved murder . Given the victim was commander in chief , all should be convicted as a traitor as well . It’s rather shocking that no other names has been released given how serious the crimes are

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