The best and the brightest of the Warren Commission

“Almost no one knows — or cares — that the young men who staffed that investigation worked honestly and hard. Most went on to remarkably successful careers reflective of their selection as the best and the brightest to take on the awful task of determining who killed the president. That modern science has repeatedly affirmed their findings does little to abate the continuing doubt.”

–Shanin Specter, son of Arlen, writes about 50 Years With the Single Bullet Theory – The Daily Beast.

Specter seems unaware that the phrase “the best and the brightest” was coined by David Halberstam to describe the successful, hard-working officials of the U.S. government who lead the country into a disastrous war in Vietnam. To describe the Warren Commission staffers as “the best and the brightest” is not exactly a compliment.

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  1. it’s rather comical how the blitz on mainstream media and the cable channels are running these “real truths” about how Oswald was the lone assassin..idiots like o’Reilly,a self proclaimed expert,is on the oswald band wagon..when the Zapruder film clearly shows the classic “back and to the left” head shot,which would indicate a shot from the front..what i like to tell these brain washed Oswald believers is,if the shot came from the rear wouldn’t jfk’s face been blown out??..wouldn’t Jackie have then climbed to the front seat to retrieve his brains??..come on people wake up..

  2. Perhaps the junior Specter can read how the illustrious former Warren Ommission member and future President, Gerald “Jerry” R. Ford, moved the forensic location of the back wound up to the base of the neck to accommodate the “entrance” of the “magic bullet” wound. Or how the frontal neck wound was obliterated to mask it as the site of a bullet entrance. The Doctor who did a tracheotomy on JFK originally (before pressured by FBI) stated throat wound was an entry wound – not exit. The “single bullet theory” is untenable because the wound in the front of the throat proved that the “magic bullet” obfuscated the truth, with the illusion that only 3 shots came from the upward right rear of JFK. Even Connelly stated he was hit by a separate bullet than the first shot, through the windshield, to hit JFK in the throat.

  3. Clearly the use of the children of cover-up artists like Specter and Mandel to whine about their fathers’ allegedly honorable careers is just one more phony emotional appeal to shift the public focus away from the evidence.

    Newsflash: Having a child who cares about you and your reputation is not a defense against accusations of dishonesty and/or criminality, plain and simple.

  4. “That modern science has repeatedly affirmed their findings does little to abate the continuing doubt.”

    I’ve spent most of this summer reading the “old stuff”. Meager, Lane, Thompson et al: the original critics. With regard to Specter’s best known hypothesis I am left with the fact that the Warren Commissions own experts, i.e. the autopsy physicians, Connally’s surgeons and the ballistic scientists all testified that they did not think the “magic bullet” hypothesis was tenable. largely due to the condition of the bullet. One of the ballistic experts held out until he could replicate the shot using goat tissue. Everyone here likely knows how that turned out.

    Point being that what the commission “found” was often at odds with it’s own evidence. One can invoke “modern science” ad nauseum but the commissions experts, in the case of the magic bullet in particular, made it clear: that dog can’t hunt.

  5. “That modern science has repeatedly affirmed their findings…”

    I guess Dale Myers’ tricked-up computer animation is what passes for “modern science” these days.

  6. “…the awful task of determining who killed the president”…!!

    Mr Spector the younger hasn’t read Professor Gibson’s book on the forming of the WC or John McCloy’s instruction to “lay the dust” on the whole matter. His “best and brightest” determined how to lay the dust on the FBI investigation so that no feathers were ruffled. The WC STARTED with the assumption that LHO killed Kennedy; they didn’t “investigate” anything, they formed a narrative for the masses to read,(or as Dulles said, not read) and they wrote it knowing in advance their conclusion. Mr Spector really ought to dodge defending their discredited labor.

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