The appeal of JFK Facts

I launched JFK Facts a year ago and the metrics are in: what people want is not JFK theories, but facts.

So think about supporting this site with a donation to the Mary Ferrell Foundation today. It’s easy and it will make a difference.

Look at the “Breaking JFK News” column to the left and you will see proof that JFK Facts is making a difference in the JFK coverage of AP, CNN, Fox News, Detroit Free Press and other mainstream news organizations.

The recent media blitz around the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death confirmed the public’s enduring interest. The discussion of the JFK story is sure to continue through this year until at least the 50th anniversary of the Warren Report in September 2014.

With your help, we can continue to make a difference.

Why are we effective?


1) Lots of readers: From its launch on November 22, 2012, until the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination on November 22, 2013, attracted 245,544 unique visitors who viewed 889,664 pages.

2)  Engaged readers: More than 500 posts have generated more than 7,000 comments. The average reader stays on the site for three minutes and 37 seconds.

3) Global readership: Ninety percent of the viewers came from the United States; 10 percent came from overseas with readers from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia accounting for more than 10,000 visitors each.

4) Search credibility: Do a JFK Google search and chances are you’ll get a JFK Facts story on the first page. Most our referrals came from Google, though provided a lot too.

5) Diverse coverage: Our most popular stories show what we do: break news, debunk conspiracy theories, and investigate the CIA.

All of this was done basically on a volunteer basis by me, webmaster Rex Bradford and comments moderator Peter Voskamp.

Your contribution today will enable us to do more: more investigation, better Web presentation, and better social media.

If you don’t have money but would like to volunteer, email me here. Put “Volunteer” in the subject line and tell me how you would like to help.



8 thoughts on “The appeal of JFK Facts”

  1. It should be more than obvious after the recent rash of TV documentaries still feeding the global public the original Government explanation of John F. Kennedy’s murder others involved & ignoring the contradictions, problems & holes in its case, that the real truth of what happened & why is not going to be found with their final product. US TV media is not even searching for the truth of the matter; it never has.

    I sincerely hope that contributors will include wealthy members of the Kennedy dynasty & those associated with TV & print journalism forbidden to report on the issues Jeff Morley tirelessly pursues in his noble & courageous struggle for transparency. It wouldn’t hurt others that have made a fortune off the tragic ambush & murder of President Kennedy to chip in either. Each step Jeff & his staff takes us globally forward chips away a stone from the wall of deceit & deception surrounding this horrific event from our history that humans placed there to deny us all the truth.

  2. Jeff’s approach towards this contentious case provides a model
    for all communities struggling to make sense of competing narratives.
    I have been upset for a long time by jfk forums that use
    disputes over the evidence as a form of entertainment. The level of respect
    shown here provides a platform where people can come together to resolve
    knotty and troubling questions in what is a live case.

  3. Jeff has provided a forum for serious discussion of these issues. Such a forum needs to continue to, at a minimum, pursue release and analysis of remaining classified government records. This case will only be advanced by disciplined application of rational thought.

  4. I predict the metrics will grow enormously as more people visit & realize Jeff Morley is a sincere & courageous JFK researcher/historian. Jeff doesn’t invite comments from his audience & then turn around & attack them as is the case at most (if not all) other JFK forums & message boards, nor does he censor, lock or delete comments (routine at most of the others).

    A visitor at JFKfacts can obtain education on the subject here & around the Internet to places Jeff invites one to visit; not an agenda driven prosecutor’s point of view philosophy highly visible in competing forums.

    In time, as competing websites begin to fail as their visitors abandon ship, I predict Jeff will spurn imitation of his approach; something that I feel would be a welcome change after 50 years of deceit in this tragic loss of President Kennedy.

  5. I think that it’s essential, more than ever now that the 50th has passed, to keep the focus on the very reason for these forums and websites. To uncover the facts.

    It’s unfortunate that the following is unfolding on Lisa Pease’s facebook. Background: I followed the discussion on this site pertaining to the debate between Jeff Morley and Lisa Pease among others, and I think yesterday’s post/response by Ms. Pease is indicative of a cognizant dissonance that frequently surfaces among researchers which serves nothing but to reduce the search for the truth to a side show. We all know that there was a chasm between Morley and Pease. Why deny that this weekend? I would hope that she would do better, particularly this week, unless of course the whole thing was staged.

    Lisa Pease (writer) shared a link.
    The first conspiracy theory ever published on the JFK case was a Castro-did-it one, paid for by the CIA.

    JFKfacts » Nov. 23 1963: The first JFK conspiracy theory, paid for by a CIA officer
    The leaders of the Directorate, also known by its Spanish acronym DRE, received $51,000 a month from the CIA, according to this April 1963 memo found in the JFK Library in Boston.
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    Jim O’Donnell Hey Lisa have you patched things up with Morley?
    Yesterday at 2:51pm

    Lisa Pease (writer) There was nothing to patch up. I talked to him at the conference.
    Yesterday at 5:38pm · 1

  6. Many people promoting theories are kooks with too much time on their hands, others are obsessed with JFK-world personalities and in-fighting. I read these sites periodically over the last 15 years and witnessed one of the great researchers devolve from a debunker into a personality-obsessed infighter. All I want to see are the released documents, new pictures, corroborating evidence and other “Facts.” I sat for hours reading the Air Force One transcripts. The Jane Roman work was stunning. This is important- speculation and theories are NOT IMPORTANT and in fact, really silly. Eventually people will realize asking “Who Benefits?” is an itellectually corrupt line of reasoning that leads to mindless speculation. (As if none of us ever accidentally benefitted from something though no fault of our own.) Until that time I appreciate Jeff fighting to winnow the 1100 documents left to declassify down to 100 documents left to declassify.

    1. S.R."Dusty" Rohde

      FYI….”The Portal to Texas” website has just made available all of Dallas PD’s JFK assassination related evidence.

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