3 thoughts on “The anti-conspiracy conspiracy in Dallas”

  1. The last time I visited Dealey Plaza was in 2007. I parked my car on Houston Street across from the Records Building. Before I even got my door open I had JFK autopsy photos thrust in my face. before I made it to the reflecting pool I had several souvenir peddlers trying to push their newspaper. Then came the street hustlers, ‘Hey many , you looking for weed? pills? girls, guns?’ Cell phones? laptops? …..etc.

    I said goodbye forever at that point. It’s me that decides to leap into our out of a cesspool, not them…

  2. George Simmons

    It would seem that Dealey Plaza is going to be closed down for 2 weeks, one week either side of the ceremony.

    This seems just plain daft.

    When the 50th ceremony is over, people should be allowed to visit the plaza as normal. People should not be barred from the Plaza on the 50th anniversary of the assassination.

  3. What should we expect from a city JFK referred to on his flight over from Ft. Worth as “Nut Country”?
    A rational, open commemoration?

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