That new study questioning the JFK acoustics evidence

A new study has been commissioned by Professor Larry Sabato and conducted by a private firm, Sonalysts. The study, released this week, says unequivocally that the sound of gunfire on November 22, 1963, was not recorded and that the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was wrong to use acoustic evidence to support its findings of conspiracy.

Key findings include:

* The recording that Sonalysts studied were copied from the original Dallas Police Department (DPD ) recordings:

Sonalysts: “the recording we studied originates from the same source as those studied by previous researchers. Differences, where they are noted, appear to arise solely from mechanical defects in the recording medium, e.g. skips.”

* The motorcycle with an open microphone was traveling at a high rate of speed at the time of the assassination, indicating that it was not in the presidential motorcade:

Sonalysts: “The extracted data suggest the movement of the motorcycle in this time period is along an unimpeded route at constant high speed with no evidence of slowing for turns, as would be expected if the motorcycle was part of the motorcade.”



10 thoughts on “That new study questioning the JFK acoustics evidence”

  1. At 117.5 seconds in the NAS Bowles tape the following audio is heard…

    “keep your mic off”…..

    A few seconds later someone responds

    “all right”.

    Here is that audio clip

    This clip occurs either 1 minute before the assassination( if you believe the cross talk is valid) or 2 minutes before the assassination (if you believe the shots occur on the tape.

  2. Clarence Carlson

    Who’d have thought?

    The DPD radio recorder contains a ten second time interval, recorded from a ‘stuck mike’ from a motorcycle, exactly at 12:30 that, according to one of the top acoustic research labs in the country, contains 5 sound impulses that match the echo pattern of Dealey Plaza to a very high degree. The ordering of the data is also remarkable in that the ‘stuck mike’ was moving in a manner that suggested a motorcyle on the parade route and the impulses occur successively with movement. The DPD dispatcher recognized the source of the stuck mike because he could hear the sirens transmitted in the backround, through the open mike and made a transmission asking officers to find the officer “at Stemmons” and fix the problem.

    Now with this newest study I can regard all of this as a coincidence!

    No I guess I really won’t sleep better tonight.

    1. Your facts are incorrect. The officer who was supposed to be the source of the recording stated that it couldn’t have come from his mike; he recognized it as having come from a tricycle motorcycle most likely at the Trade Mart. The Dictabelt does not have any siren sound except a brief, Doppler interval consistent with sirens passing the source.

      1. Clarence Carlson

        McClain testified before the house committee and admitted that
        1. he didn’t know what channel his radio was on
        2. he had experienced a number of times when the mike “stuck” (when asked how many times his answer was “I’d be scared to say”)
        3. he didn’t know if his mike was stuck that day.

        “Sirens passing the source” is one of several possible explanations for the doppler effect. Another is that a vehicle could be actively approaching the source, then decelerate allowing the source to move away from them.

  3. Of course this same conclusion was reached within weeks of the HSCA report by Norman Ramsey and other real experts in physics and acoustics. I find it incredible that people can continue to beat this dead horse when “hold everything secure” is audible on the Dictabelt.

    1. That HSCA conclusion that seems so absurd to you could be compared to the relatively rapid conclusions drawn by the Warren Commission. Clearly prudence may have been lacking in both investigations. The question might be asked: why?

  4. The acoustic experts with the HSCA determined there were gunshots based on the muzzle blast/shockwave unique to gunfire which had the “fingerprint” of Dealey Plaza. So are the experts from Sonalysts saying there was no gunfire detected or that it occurred somewhere else?

  5. “Today with more than 300 highly skilled professionals, Sonalysts provides solutions to a wide variety of government, corporate and entertainment industries.”

    With so much of this company’s revenue derived from the USG, it would suprising if they had come to any other conclusion.

    Can Mr. Sabato answer what happened to the bullets that caused JFK’s throat and back wounds? That seems far more easy a question to answer than acoustics.

    1. This issue reminds me of the study of the Zapruder film undertaken by Itek Corporation whose head was Frank Lindsay, former intel.

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