Talking Points Memo editor underscores ‘undying JFK suspicions’

Josh Marshall spent the weekend Watching the Kennedy Assassination rebroadcast from November 22, 1963. He writes:

“For what it’s worth, I don’t ‘believe any of the conspiracy theories, at least not as far as it goes. But watching this unfold, experiencing it in a sense, renewed my total understanding with how the country has never been able to shake an undying suspicion about just what happened. The available evidence doesn’t point to one or two potential conspiracies but to an almost countless number. ‘Points,’ doesn’t prove or even make likely. But the bread crumbs are everywhere.”


14 thoughts on “Talking Points Memo editor underscores ‘undying JFK suspicions’”

  1. Marshall is yet another liberal “alternative” writer who reflexively says “I don’t believe in a conspiracy.” Worthless.

    Even Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has come clean and admits the family never bought the Warren Commission coverup, which is not a new revelation but it’s nice to see the family say it in public.

    “In JFK and the Unspeakable Jim Douglass has distilled all the best available research into a very well-documented and convincing portrait of President Kennedy’s transforming turn to peace, at the cost of his life. Personally, it has made a very big impact on me. After reading it in Dallas, I was moved for the first time to visit Dealey Plaza. I urge all Americans to read this book and come to their own conclusions about why he died and why — after fifty years — it still matters.”
    — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    This statement is itself historic: the first time any member of the Kennedy family has publicly endorsed a book that attributes President Kennedy’s assassination to a conspiracy involving the military-intelligence establishment of the U.S. government. But what sets Douglass’s book apart from the many treatments of Kennedy’s assassination is his methodical case for the reasons behind it: to thwart the President’s extraordinary turn toward peace, especially his back-channel negotiations with Nikita Khrushchev to dismantle the Cold War. So, elements of his own government viewed the President as a dangerous traitor, one to be eliminated.
    Only by remembering this story can we take up the challenge that Kennedy left unfinished—the challenge to make peace our legacy for generations yet unborn.

  2. This is another example of why the JFK assassination must be treated as the leading case for government transparency. The question is what kind of government do we have today. If today’s government does not release all the information it holds on this 50 year ago assassination, that is very telling about the nature of our current government. So far it has strenuously resisted doing so.


    “Killing Oswald” is a brand new fantastic documentary by Shane O’Sullivan. It features Joan Mellen, and Dick Russell among others. Well worth it! Top notch production value. Lays out the conspiracy as most mainstream conspiracy researchers today believed it happened. After so many Warren Commission docs this month, this is a breath of fresh air.

  4. Josh Marshall has it backwards: the available evidence does not support a lone gunman. The burden was on the government and its case had more holes than a slice of Swiss Cheese. The evidence does not support beyond a reasonable doubt (standard for conviction) that Lee Oswald was the gunman, much less the sole gunman.

  5. I think the key word is “watching” here. You are watching the main stream media, owned by the richest 2-3 % of population. It’s a CIA operation called Mockingbird. Google it.

  6. Did anyone notice this weekend that when the brave doctors that treated JFK stated ( and more than one interview) that the shots came from the front and the exit was a massive hole in the BAK of his head…. the show simply moved on to re-inventing the Warren Commission?? Why did they not show the film clips of the doctors giving a press conference concerning JFK’s wounds and Connally’s? the YouTube video of Connally’s condition ends with the doctor stating that the bullet is still in his leg and they are waiting for him to be stabilized…. some would charge that these are frags, I doubt it… they had x-rays… and if so it must have been a LARGE frag to mimic a 180 grain bullet?? and even if they bullet frags, they are larger than what is missing from CE 399….IT was so disappointing to watch the brave doctors being ignored… an in other cases a wanna be parkland doctor making more of himself than what he is…. David Lifton’s comments should be sent to NBC… thanks for letting me vent…

    1. We live in a country where big media still dominate the airwaves, and they have ties to big corporations and to the CIA. The news that most Americans get from the major networks, including NPR and PBS, is edited and influenced by the conservative corporate establishment. CIA and the defense industrial complex is still heavily involved in media newsspeak. They pay spokespersons like Swanson and Posner to lay on their pro-CIA propaganda quite heavily, so that if they can’t completely brainwash the general public they can at least sow enough confusion and doubt as to keep the public guessing and undecided.

      All one has to do is travel outside the USA and live for awhile in another country. It doesn’t preclude THAT country’s propaganda from poisoning the information well, but I guarantee you’ll hear an alternative voice that doesn’t make the mainstream media broadcasts over here in the “homeland.” BTW, all superpowers use propaganda. The USA is no different from other powers that have preceded us. We just think we are different and somehow “exceptional.” The JFK assassination coverage highlighted some of the lies for anyone who can think critically and has a brain.

  7. In this 1996 guest speaker video James Hosty states there were several cover-ups occurring post-assassination but not for reasons the public believes:

    In a nutshell, Hosty says government agencies were covering up Lee Oswald’s visit to Mexico City, the (at that time) enemy foreign embassies he visited & people who may have influenced him to return to Dallas & ambush JFK. All for the purpose of avoiding World War III. Hosty also said good CIA investigation leads pointing at Cuban complicity were stopped by LBJ.

    I was intrigued by Hosty claiming JFK had supposedly ordered the CIA to eliminate Fidel Castro before the 1964 elections during the time frame when JFK was secretly building a ‘backdoor communication’ with Castro. Castro got wind of it & threatened JFK via a Canadian reporter. I’m interested on where Hosty got that info & what documentation exists to support all of it.

    1. Here’s the trouble I have with Hosty–when his name and number was found in Oswald’s notebook, the FBI left it out when it compiled the contents of it. Secondly, Hosty ripped up the note Oswald left at the FBI and put it down the toilet and then claimed that it was a “threat.” As Jim Marrs said at the JFK Lancer conference this past week, if that note had a “threat” in it, the FBI would have published it on the cover of LIFE magazine showing the “violent” Oswald. Maybe, it was a note about a forthcoming assassination attempt; afterall, the FBi received a tip from a “Lee” about the Chicago attempt on JFK’s life 2 weeks earlier.
      In court, the judge instructs the jury that h/she can ignore everything a witness says if they think the witness has lied to them. Hosty is on that list for me.

      1. After watching the Hosty guest speaker video I couldn’t help wondering how much of what Hosty said was fed to him ‘down the pipe’ from Hoover’s echelon level & how much Hosty had picked up from others in the FBI & DPD that he was repeating as hearsay. If Lee Oswald threatened JFK in Mexico City & came back on a bus why wasn’t he arrested by the FBI or Border Patrol on the bus?

        Red flags for others suspicious of James Hosty & his FBI big boss include Hosty’s visit to see Marina; not mentioning Lee Oswald’s mail was being monitored: both creating an avenue for the alleged murder weapon to be purchased by or fall into non-Oswald hands by obvious means. Hosty tracking down Marina & not Lee makes no sense if Lee was working & Marina wasn’t, Lee was the more visible of the pair, especially if he had to use his SSAN to obtain a job. On top of that, quite a lot of people believe the FBI was paying Lee Oswald; that topic was discussed at the very 1st Warren Commission meeting.

  8. Josh Marshall writes :
    “There is no question that the CIA and other arms of the federal government covered up a lot that was related to the assassination…The simplest answer is that there was just a lot of stuff that didn’t incriminate the government but which the public simply could not be allowed to know.”

    Of course, we know from the George Joannides story that the CIA did a lot more than cover things up. They intentionally lied to and misled the official investigations, meaning that those investigations held no integrity leaving us in a position where 50 years later an open and honest investigation has still not been held into the murder of a president.
    The problem for me with the above approach is that it seems to find this conduct from the CIA acceptable, as if it has a valid reason to act in this way. But when a government agency is allowed to ride roughshod over an official investigation into the murder of a president then that is a dark day for democracy.
    Did the CIA do this because there was stuff “we could not be allowed to know”? Or did they do it hide the fact that they had become out of control, unaccountable and a threat to democracy.?

    Also, Josh Marshall refers to Oswald as the assassin ( “Then the assassin himself is shot and killed”) Of course, this should be alleged assassin.

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