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JFK Facts Top 5: Oswald and the theologians

The single most popular story on JFK Facts for the week of April 10-17 recounted how Lee Oswald apparently fired a rifle shot at Gen. Edwin Walker, a right-wing firebrand and critic of JFK, in April 1963. The second most popular story linked United Methodist minister Lance Moore and theologian James Douglass as a unique type of JFK author:

The top five:

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Was JFK going to pull out of Vietnam?

Yes. He had a plan to do just that, as University of Texas professor Jamie Galbraith demonstrates in this recent piece for The Nation.


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How to figure out who killed JFK

Here’s some advice from James K. Galbraith, professor at the University of Texas and son of John Kenneth Galbraith, an adviser to JFK, on how to figure out the causes of JFK’s assassination: do it yourself.

Writing in the Austin American-Statesman, Galbraith says:

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