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Oswald’s handlers? What Morley v. CIA clarified

The CIA’s Career Intelligence Medal

It has been six weeks since the D.C. Court of Appeals heard arguments in Morley v. CIA, my lawsuit seeking certain CIA records from 1963 related to the assassination of President Kennedy. A decision from Judges Harry Edwards, Stephen Williams, and Brett Kavanagh could come any day now.

The legal issue before the judges is money, not documents. The larger issue raised by the case is the CIA’s credibility on JFK’s assassination. …

Morley v. CIA: JFK at issue in federal court next week

The Washington DC courthouse where a long-running JFK FOIA lawsuit will be heard on February 25

Why are the CIA and the Justice Department bad-mouthing me?

In a federal court filing last November, U.S. Attorney Ron Machen sought to discredit my efforts to obtain CIA records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, by saying that documents I obtained via litigation were of “no public benefit” and would not help U.S. citizens make “vital public choices.”

Why, I wondered, was the top law enforcement officer in the nation’s capital so determined to dismiss my efforts to shed new light on something that happened nearly 50 years ago?

The answer will be heard on Monday, February 25, in a federal courtroom in downtown Washington, D.C. …

Fifty more signatures for JFK records petition

Since I last checked three weeks ago, more than 50 more people have signed the petition calling on the Obama administration to do its job and enforce the JFK Records Act by ordering the review and release of 1,100 CIA documents related to JFK’s assassination.

“This has been important to me since the summer of 1964,” wrote Theresa Mauro of Culver City, California, “when the Warren Commission Lie tried to pass off those stick figure drawings of the bullet’s trajectory, and I got this chilling feeling that I was being lied to by the Government of the United States, which was supposed to be guiding and protecting me.”

Thanks to the National Archives, we know specific details about

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