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RFK speechwriter on JFK in 2013: Time to ‘marshal ALL of the current evidence”

Adam Walinksy
Adam Walinksy, RFK speechwriter

In the wake of comments by Bobby Kennedy Jr. about what his father thought of his uncle’s assassination, we received this email from Adam Walinsky, who served as Robert Kennedy’s speechwriter from 1964 to 1968:

“I believe the Agency will obfuscate until the end of time (and this means also resistance and obfuscation from its innumerable allies and associates, as well as general defenders of the status quo throughout Washington, New York, etc. etc.).

The only way I can see forward would be to marshal ALL of the current evidence, in effect a second Warren Report rather than a single book; and in this Report to take every aspect to the fullest extent possible, especially the late revelations and semi-confessions of the last few years. Nothing less would be adequate for the huge shift in prospect for our basic understanding of American history and government.”

Walinsky’s plainspoken comments are another sign of how public discussion of the JFK story is changing in 2013.

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