3 thoughts on “ Red Duke, surgeon who attended JFK, dies at 86”

  1. Hi- I’m an anesthesiologist- worked at PMH in the early 80’s-left the States in 1997.
    I was always told there was an X-ray( chest) on file of JR taken pre 11/63 which showed pulmonary mets, which,of course, he ultimately died of (primary gastric, I think) circa 1967. Question: Are you aware of this pre-existing medical condition/CXR confirmation PRE Nov 63? I believe it to be true and if so obviously gives motivation to JR for his actions re LHO- he was never going to make it to the chair ,or however they did it in Tx at that time.…… I have never read anywhere( and I have always been intrigued by the story, have read widely, and, of course, spoken first hand with Pepper, Buddy, neurosurgeons,urologists etc etc etc of the events of Nov 22) of this intriguing medical situation. Would be interested in your thoughts. Thanks

    1. I thought that Ruby died of a blood clot.
      Didn’t he have lung cancer? Wouldn’t he have died long before he did if he had lung cancer on an x-ray before 11/22/63? My brother lasted only 11 months after they found cancer in his lungs and they did everything.
      I believe that Ruby was injected with cancer to get him out of the way, just like in “JFK”. No way they would have done that before he shot Oswald.

    2. For the layman’s benefit, DW is saying that Jack Ruby had stomach (gastric) cancer that metastasized (migrated) to his lungs. He believes there was an x-ray of Ruby’s chest at PMH showing this, and that this x-ray predated 11/63.

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