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Nobody else does it like JFK Facts. We provide original, credible, fact-based reporting on the JFK assassination story, day in and day out. And we depend on readers to keep up the fight.

When U.S. Archivist David Ferriero bows to the CIA, JFK Facts hold him accountable.

We enable you to hear from JFK investigators like Dan Hardway of the HSCA and  Howard Willens of the Warren Commission.

We talk to credible witnesses like  Gail Raven, who knew Jack Ruby and RIck Bauer, who knew David Ferrie.

This kind of reporting isn’t easy. It isn’t cheap. And it isn’t supported by the major news organizations which are timid, confused, or misinformed about the JFK assassination story.

Your doantion, made through our partners at the Mary Ferrell Founcation, are tax deductible.

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