Pro-secrecy judges prove the need for JFK Secure Drop

The recent lamentable decision of the U.S. appellate court suppressing an ancient CIA report on the Bay of Pigs highlights the important of Operation Secure Drop.

What’s that?

It’s JFK Facts’ effort to find the Edward Snowden of the JFK story.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation is offering a software package called Secure Drop, which they call an “open-source whistleblower submission system for journalism organizations.”

When I heard about Secure Drop, I emailed Trevor Timm, the foundation’s executive record, and said, “Hook me up.” He said, no problem, but explained there are technical costs associated with installing the software.

All told, it will take $3,500 to install SecureDrop on JFK Facts.

Your donation to the our sponsors at the Mary Ferrell Foundation can make this happen.

Why Secure Drop?

We need Secure Drop because of the illegitimate and excessive secrecy that still surround the JFK assassination story. According to the CIA there is a large body of classified information about the assassination of JFK, at least CIA 1,100 documents. Among the still-secret documents are files of CIA officers allegedly involved in the events leading to the JFK’s assassination, including David Phillips, George Joannides, and Howard Hunt. 

This not only means that no one can publish information about what’s in those ancient archives. It also means that it is legally hazardous for living persons knowledgeable about Phillips, Joannides, or Hunt talk to journalists and historians.

The “mission creep of the secrecy system” is especially hazardous to:

— Government employees who advocate greater openness around JFK assassination records. They face retaliation from national security agencies that fear transparency on the subject.

— Retired CIA employees in their twilight years. Those who want to talk about what they know of the events of 1963 with journalists or historians cannot speak freely. Their pensions are at risk if they are candid.

— Persons who had a financial relationship with the CIA in 1963. They are constrained by secrecy oaths entered into long ago.

How can Secure Drop help?

With Secure Drop, JFK Facts will gain capacity to short-circuit the U.S. secrecy regime. Anyone who has information about the JFK story that they think might be classified can communicate confidentially with JFK Facts.

We think there might be an Edward Snowden of the JFK story out there: someone who has classified information relevant to JFK’s assassination and has no way to share it with the public.

Your donation NOW to the our sponsors at the Mary Ferrell Foundation can make this happen.




10 thoughts on “Pro-secrecy judges prove the need for JFK Secure Drop”

  1. I’ve made another small donation. I encourage others to give what they can. It’s important.

  2. I’ve donated, and not for the first time. That’s how websites like jfkfacts can sustain its fine work. This Secure Drop software could be a game-changer.

  3. You know what Jeff? I simply CANNOT contribute at the present time. Things WILL pick up though. I will be in a position to contribute, hopefully, later this year. Until then, please, keep on fighting. “We” are watching you and hoping and yes, praying for you.
    Good luck.

  4. Well Jeff I’m glad to finally make a small donation and put my money where my mouth is so to speak (or my key stokes in this case). Though well above the minimum donation, in regards to some of the expenses you’ve mentioned I guess it’s just a drop in the bucket and I realize there are others you have not mentioned.
    While not specifically intended for the secure-drop that sounds like a worthy project too. I think your work, Rex’s, many others, this site and MFF are important to our Democracy. The Government of which I’m sending a much larger check today, I guess in part to keep the Files we seek to Free still secret. An odd contradiction to me. What makes it worse is I’m in a low income tax bracket in the first place (need to adjust my withholding since the kids are grown).
    Keep up the good work Ladies and Gentlemen. What’s that quote at the entrance to CIA HQ? The Truth Shall Set You Free?

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