Support JFK whistleblowers with Operation Secure Drop

We know there’s a lot of information about JFK’s assassination that remains classified in CIA files.

We know from ten years of hard experience that the courts defer to the CIA and other national security agencies.

How to free the files? With Operation Secure Drop.

How can Secure Drop help?

With Secure Drop, JFK Facts will gain capacity to short-circuit the U.S. secrecy regime. Anyone who has information about the JFK story that they think might be illicitly classified can communicate confidentially with JFK Facts.

We think there might be an Edward Snowden of the JFK story out there: someone who has classified information relevant to JFK’s assassination and has no way to share it with the public.

Your donation NOW to the our sponsors at the Mary Ferrell Foundation can make this happen.


2 thoughts on “Support JFK whistleblowers with Operation Secure Drop”

  1. The questions I ask: (1) What might be the nature of such information (content, type of media on which recorded, source)? (2) Where might such information be located? (3) Who might have access to such information?

    If the answers to Q. (2) and (3) were known, it’d be possible to run a private intel operation aimed at individuals having access. Who knows the inducements to which such individuals might be susceptible?

    I suspect that if any smoking gun information exists, it isn’t in government files but is stored in a box in an attic, unrecognized for what it is.

    1. Along with illicitly classified government files, I am convinced there are private individuals, still living, with important information about the events of 11/22/63, but for reasons of their own are reluctant to reveal their stories. Our window of opportunity is closing, and once it’s closed we will have lost this resource, these voices of truth. I feel this keenly here in Dallas. Time is not on our side.
      Secure Drop could be one way to encourage these important people to tell their irreplaceable stories. I urge all readers of this forum to contribute what you can to this effort.

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