Support the JFK Facts lawsuit against the CIA

I filed suit for the records of George Joannides ten years ago, and the case is still not over. The legal bills of my attorney Jim Lesar now run to more that $125,000, and the CIA refuses to pay, even though the Court of Appeals ruled in our favor.

No one is doing this kind of work except for JFK Facts. We need your help to continue.

Otherwise, the CIA will win. Please donate now.

7 thoughts on “Support the JFK Facts lawsuit against the CIA”

  1. George Simmons

    I have just made a donation, and would urge others to do the same, if they possibly can.

    The Joannides angle of the case is vitally important, in my view.
    It shows that big secrets can be kept for a long time. Joannides role with the DRE was not revealed until 2001, 38 years after the assassination of the President.

    The CIA made Joannides a liason to the HSCA without disclosing his role in 1963 to them. For me, this shows that the CIA was trying to hide something from us, something big, regarding the assassination.
    The fact that the CIA are still, 50 years later, fighting Mr Morley through the courts to stop the release of the Joannides files only raises the suspicions further.

    We need people like Mr Morley to continue to pursue the truth in the JFK assassination. He deserves our support.
    Thank you Mr Morley.

    1. Maybe someone should be knocking on President Obama’s door? Couldn’t Obama
      simply make the CIA hand over the documents, not only on this creep
      Joannides but on all the documents relating to the assassination? There is no
      National Security issue now after 51 years, so the people in a democracy have a right
      to all of those documents, no ifs, ands or buts. The truth is that Obama and Clinton
      probably don’t want the American people to know what truly happened (coup d’état) for fear
      of the American people losing faith in the government.

  2. Regular readers can’t help but recognize that there are people commenting on Jeff’s topics that want continued investigative journalism to stop; in effect what they appear to desire is a stifled history of this nation where uncertainties & distortions are bent to their own personal viewpoints. Similar to the jerk that blasts his favorite music at full volume for the entire neighborhood to suffer through. Stopping Jeff Morley’s progress would probably be a huge victory for people with this mindset that Jeff allows to post here in his effort to be fair & objective. The public must not let them get their selfish way.

    Jeff’s legal & operational burdens are a drop in the bucket to the super wealthy, some who have no idea who & what is worthy of support. There are super wealthy scattered all over the world. Folks like both of the Gates, Paul McCartney, Putin, oil sheiks, Japanese, British, Russian & Chinese tycoons, Taylor Swift, etc. Folks who won’t be able to take one penny with them when they die. They have so much money they won’t spend all of it in their lifetime. All it would take is one super wealthy sponsor from that group to quietly keep Jeff & his staff moving forward. I’ve written him into my will but that won’t help out now because I’m still here. I appeal to all of Jeff’s readers to do what you can to keep Jeff Morley focused on his work & informing a global public of his progress. Visit some of the other websites & compare what Jeff does to what they do. That’s what we all will be stuck with if we lose Jeff & his staff.

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