7 thoughts on “Spy boss withheld ‘incendiary” information’ ”

  1. This is going to piss Blakely off even more lol
    Bugliosi and Dulles laughing from the Grave
    What’s Posner going to say about this?

  2. Seems odd the CIA now blames the outsider McCone for withholding information from the Warren Commision when he was left out of the loop on most covert activities. The real people responsible for the withholding information were Allen Dulles’ flunkies. They are still not telling the truth.

  3. The alternative to a conspiracy is always painted as Oswald was a “lone wolf.” This is a false dichotomy. Oswald shooting alone could still have been moved by “invisible hands,” manipulated, then discarded. Oswald was on the radar screen for the CIA and FBI and then lost conveniently on Nov 22.

    1. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

      The right alternative to a conspiracy is actually at least a second shooter, but the fact that the Warren Commission got the wrong rifle, the wrong bullet, and even the wrong shell linked to Oswald excluded him from the picture and rather indicates some kind of frame-up.

  4. I’m amazed this revelation isn’t getting more attention:

    “The report identifies other tantalizing information that McCone did not reveal to the commission, including evidence that the CIA might somehow have been in communication with Oswald before 1963…”

    Isn’t that what the lone nutter faithful have been denying all these years against all the circumstantial evidence the CIA must have been in touch with Oswald at some point.

    Would love to see more details on what the communication was about.

    1. It may be referring to what is labeled the “Oswald Intelligence Report.” In short, it was a report provided to the CIA in 1962 by George De Morenshildt, whose sub source is described as a former Marine defector. The report contained details of life inside an electronics factory in Minsk. While he is not named, it can be safely assumed that Oswald was his source. I find it interesting that the CIA admits that the report exists, but they can’t find it, even after “several” searches. Ultimately, they deemed it irrelevant. It’s probably somewhere with the Mexico City tapes.

      The section of the CIA article can found on page 11, center column, first paragraph. Further information is found in a note located at the bottom of page 11.

      The CIA article:

    2. I’m not surprised in the slightest. The American MSM will never report honestly on this. Someone could discover a memo from David Atlee Phillips to James Angleton specifying the JFK murder in full detail, and the MSM would say “so what?”

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