‘Something has happened in the motorcade’

I’ve never seen a photo compilation of the November 22, 1963, motorcade so skillfully edited as this LiveLeak video.

The extended evocation of panic after the gunfire is especially powerful. The number of people rushing up to the stockade fence atop the grassy knoll is always impressive and, to my mind, hard to scant. I had never seen the footage of deputy press secretary Malcolm Kilduff pointing at his temple — as if shot from the front — and saying “a bullet right through the head.”


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  1. The failure of early investigators & the local & national media to find these witnesses and talk to them in depth about their experience has left a void in this story that grows larger each year the silence lingers over Dealey Plaza. I suppose some, like those greedy, selfish ones that horde their film or photo of the event like an growling dog protecting its bone don’t help matters either.
    A few years back there was a black fellow hanging around the miniature flea market operating by Zapruder’s filming pedestal talking about how he had been there on Houston Street & he had seen it all & he had the answers. He pointed to an adolescent he said was him in one of the famous Altgens Houston Street motorcade photos.
    I quietly walked over to the spot he showed the crowd, stood there for a moment & instantly realized the view of Elm Street disappears around the mouth of the reflecting pool. The street drop off is so severe with no traffic or pedestrians there is no view of Elm Street. Add a passing motorcade & hundreds of spectators & there just isn’t way that person was being truthful.

    Not finding the real witnesses & hearing their story has opened a door for us all to be exploited by hustlers.

  2. Obviously everybody was running to the fence to catch the assassin. That proves that the shots came from the front.

  3. Eric Jungkurth

    The simplest explanation for people running toward the stockade fence is that they wanted to catch a glimpse of the motorcade as it sped away. However this would assume that the majority were unaware of any shots that might have been fired.

  4. Here’s an update, Jeff,

    Tina Towner Pinder has informed me that she does not authorize the use of her film on the Internet. I have to scrub plans to demonstrate what some visuals researchers believe was done to her film as a result. You may want to rescind my earlier posting.

    All my visuals I have on the JFK assassination are aimed at a younger audience just becoming interested in the case. I have attempted to demonstrate some of the controversial areas in the film record without taking a stand one way or another while encouraging continued study on the case.

    Since I cannot now visually point out suspicious images in Mrs. Pinder’s film on the Internet, I do encourage interested persons to privately analyze each frame following the splice, paying close attention to JFK & John Connally. Determine if their faces or heads appear to have been darkened or other artwork applied & make your own determination. Recall that JBC consistently stated the attack began just after the parade car turned the corner of Elm Street off Houston Street & that he turned to his left, then his right to look back at JFK when he heard what he recognized as a rifle shot. Determine if any of that body movement has been removed & replaced (with artwork). Also study JFK’s head & positions to determine if his images have been toyed with as well.

    Mrs. Pinder’s film is included in most of the TV documentaries broadcast the last 10 years for those seeking a good quality version of it to study privately.

  5. Jeff, you might notice that in the crowd scenes prior to Dealey Plaza you see hands waving, people shuffling about trying to get good view of the President & First Lady, perhaps a bit of shoving here & there. That stops in most of the Dealey Plaza spectator films, particularly during the actual attack.

    Globally, visuals researchers have been studying the Dealey Plaza films & photos on their computers & professional broadcast equipment. Bit by bit a picture is beginning to emerge that what was released to the public is not reliable.

    I am currently waiting on Tina Towner’s permission to allow me to post a demo of what some visuals researchers believe was done to her film besides the obvious slice. Tina’s film is extremely important to the case as to determining when the attack began on President Kennedy & if his guards had additional time to protect him & evade the gunfire. “The Lost Bullet” stirred up a lot of controversy because of this.

    Until Tina re4sponds & grants me her OK, notice in her film the crowd does not move. Not one hand in the air. No moving around. Nothing. This is because the crowd is a static image that movement is added to it on an optical printer. I’ll demonstrate all that when Tina tells me it’s ok. Compare Tina’s crowd to the crowd in the Martin film to see what that crowd really was doing as JFK was driven by.
    The visuals is all we have left to explain what really happened. You’ll notice only Tina Towner caught the JFK parade car turning onto Elm Street out of all the photographers present & filming that day. We believe Tina’s was “sanitized” & thus released. Even Abraham Zapruder’s Elm Street turn is missing from his film. It should be obvious something happened when JFK’s car turned onto Elm Street that those controlling the visuals did not want the public to see.

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