7 social media moves you can make to support JFK accountability

A reader, Jacob, writes:

“Hello, I am a researcher for the Kennedy assassination, and I want to join in on pressuring the CIA to release the files on the assassination, how do I help?”

You can do seven things, Jacob.

1) Post the most interesting stories you find on JFK Facts to you Facebook page.

You can do this for old stories, like “Top 5 JFK files Brennan should make public,” or new ones such as “4 CIA officers who made a lethal mistake about Oswald

2) Send links of JFK Facts to your Twitter followers

Add  hashtags like #JFK or #betyoudidntknow or #onthisday to bring the stories to the attention of others.

3) Follower JFK Facts moderator @jeffersonmorley on Twitter

Retweet or “favorite: his tweets about JFK Facts.

4) Submit JFK Facts links to Reddit.

Assign the to the “r/history” sub Reddit. And vote up JFK Facts links that appear on Reddit.

5) Ask the CIA to comment on stories that appear on JFK Facts.

Ask the Public Communications Office of CIA Public Affairs to verify and comment on the information presented on JFK Facts. You can send your comment to the CIA, here. The goal is to establish a social media dialogue about full JFK disclosure. We can leverage social media to encourage CIA officials to be more forthcoming about a subject of popular interest.

One question to ask is: are the CIA documents referred to on the site are authentic? There’s a lot of bad information out there on the Internet. For example, I’ve written that an important CIA cable, dated October 10, 1963, that contained a “lethal mistake” about Lee Harvey Oswald.

Ask the CIA: is this document authentic? Is Morley’s description of the actions of CIA officials accurate?

The goal is to corroborate accurate information and weed out bad information. Remember that you are addressing a public servant whose salary is paid for by the U.S. government. You are entitled to answers to factual questions.

If you get a response, please share it with me and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social media. This will create awareness of the need for full JFK disclosure.

6) Sign the Change.org petition on the JFK files

The petition, already signed by more than 2,500 people, callis on the White House and the National Archives to speed up declassification of all government records related to JFK’s assassination.

7) Support JFK Facts with a donation.

The money will enable me and my attorney Jim Lesar to carry on the fight in the Morley v. CIA lawsuit, which is still ongoing in federal court.

Last week, I filed by tenth declaration in Morley v. CIA. I hope its my last. You can read the declaration here.





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