3 thoughts on “Sixth Floor Museum declines to comment on Groden allegation”

  1. Reading over all of Groden’s pleadings and exhibits, one can’t help but be reminded that, just as in 1963, this is another example of the City of Dallas’ officials functioning at their very best.

  2. Criminal & civil trials don’t always end as expected. The anticipated slam dunk in the 1st OJ Simpson & the Casey Anthony trials never happened. In this case, an appropriate unexpected ending would be along the lines of Robert Groden getting the museum & the people running it get the flea market table (or the street). For those who see this as greed vs. greed it will end with greed still being victorious.

  3. Either Robert Groden or the museum is going to have to open their wallet & part with some serious cash unless an agreement can be reached between the two & settled out of Court. This equates to higher prices for visitors to either visit the museum or Robert Groden. As is usually the case in Dealey Plaza, the customer loses.

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