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Over the next four days, JFK Facts will be migrating to new servers so as to upgrade its capabilities and its appeal.

While various delicate tasks are accomplished, there will be no new posts. You will be able to comment on existing posts but these comments will not be saved for posterity and will not be seen when the site resumes normal activity next week.

Meanwhile, I’m interested in hearing from people who want to do JFK Big Data as well as people involved in social/venture capital. Just drop me a line.

10 thoughts on “Site construction in progress”

  1. I consider the site “re” construction if you will as a positive note.
    The recent requests for funding help had me wondering if it might soon disappear. I’ve wanted to contribute myself but have been financially unable to do so. Closing on the sale of a small piece of property next week should allow me to make a small contribution to something I believe in.
    All this makes me wonder. How does a say McAdams fund his website? Is he independently wealthy. Does Marquette support it (if so where does their dedicated funding come from?)?. Right wingers, E.G. the Koch brothers? Of course not the CIA or NSA.
    In any case I look forward to perusing the reconstructed site.
    Keep up the good work Jeff, Russ and others.

    1. How does a say McAdams fund his website?

      When you have to start implying some sinister forces behind those who disagree with you, it shows that you have lost the argument on substance.

      Right wingers, E.G. the Koch brothers?

      Thank you for revealing your political biases.

      I doubt the Koch brothers care much one way or the other about the JFK assassination. They have other fish to fry.

      And for all I know, they may be conspiracists!

  2. Jeff, before your site construction starts may I share this email info with your readers looking for information on the C-130 that was used to transport JFK’s touring car (death car) & the SS Queen Mary from Love Field to Andrews AFB? The crew ties in with the Bill Kelly & Ed Primeau & Jeff Morley search for the unedited AF-1 radio transmissions & persons who may have heard those transmissions in real time:

    ‘I ran across a wealth of info on that topic here in Google Groups:!topic/alt.assassination.jfk/7v4Qe6Va0Bc

    According to Mr. Palamara, there were 9 persons onboard C-130 tail #12373, 2 being secret service agents (Sam Kinney & George Hickey). The aircraft belonged to the 76th Air Transport Sqdn, Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina. The pilot was one Capt. Roland H. Thomason. Mr. Palamara states the names came from Sam Kinney’s copy of the flight manifest that was furnished by Sam Kinney in a private interview with Mr. Palamara. Nothing indicated about spectators at Love Field or prohibitions to keep spectators out of the area’.

    1. Charles Beyer, the average citizen living in the Dallas area, even the least informed, would not have considered the possibility that a body could legally be removed from the jurisdiction of a murder scene in less than two hours, let alone that of the president of the United States so they might not have flocked to Love Field; compounding local confusion and feeding on fear, reports were flooding in that a “leftist” had murdered the president and that the Soviet Union might have been behind it, and if not the Russians, then certainly Castro. Perhaps this was an early implementation of “shelter in place?”

      1. That’s a good point, Leslie. To this day I vividly recall the weekly elementary & middle school hallways & under the desk nuclear attack drills & I remember being sent home just after JFK’s death was announced wondering if I’d make it before the nuke missiles started raining down from the sky. It was scary times back in the day. When NSA released info on the Pentagon’s ‘Furtherance’ contingency plans that called for a US nuclear 1st strike against both Russia & China in the event the President was killed or became missing it becomes even scarier. Each time I listen to the Bill Kelly & Ed Primeau AF-1 restored audio tapes & follow along with Bill’s blog transcripts I wonder what kept the Pentagon from carrying out those contingency plans. There’s no dialog about it that I can find on the AF-1 tapes between LBJ, JFK’s Cabinet plane, White House Situation Room & the Pentagon other than the search for Gen Lemay.

        1. To Charles Beyer & others researching the C-130 crew that transported JFK’s death car from Dallas to Andrews AFB:

          Bill Kelly published on his blog back in October the logbook of 1254th ATW [Air Transport Wing] Command Post, Andrews AFB sending & receiving aircraft 22-23 Nov 1963:

          I noticed the arrival time of the C-130 (tail # 12373) is not in the logbook. This was the death car C-130. Samuel Kinney’s SS statement of 30 Nov 1963 states the C-130 departed Love Field at 3:35 PM CST & arrived at Andrews AFB at 8:05PM EST. Did it land somewhere else that night? Hope this helps in the search.

        2. Hans Trayne, recently – either on this site or another – I followed your observation relating to “Furtherance.” I can share (a purely and highly personal anecdote) that my closest chum in 1963 wept uncontrollably in the hallway as we filed out to our respective parents who were waiting to take us to safety: I never understood her tears … her family was anti-Catholic, anti-Kennedy, and Southern Baptists above and beyond everything so why was she so upset? Some years later I realized that she was scared beyond measure, and now I realize why …. somewhere in her sphere of information she knew what might be ahead.

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