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The City of Dallas is now distributing tickets online to an invitation-only event at the scene of the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 2013. More than half of the 5,000 tickets will go to residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Sign up for your tickets now.

As Dallas Observer columnist Jim Schutze has reported, city officials unfamilar with the U.S. Constitution seem intent on banning any mention of the causes of JFK’s death during the commemoration of his death. One of the event planners says she wants an “uplifting” experience on the spot where the president was killed.

The people who care the most about JFK’s life and death should attend.


11 thoughts on “Sign up now for tickets to JFK 50th anniversary event”

  1. I can’t help but wonder if the obnoxious Elm Street souvenir sellers & street hustlers that mob visitors on a daily basis, ruin their photos, videos & private homage of respect to JFK & sometimes warrant calling for police assistance will be there to make this event unpleasant as a daily visit often tends to be.

    I’d advise carrying a cell phone just in case things turn bad. Safeguard your wallets & purses too. Greed is never more visible than what routinely stares visitors to Dealey Plaza in the face IMO.

    1. I have been to Dealey Plaza often and most of the souvenir sellers, including Robert Groden, are very helpful. I don’t see anyone getting “mobbed” on the Grassy Knoll or anywhere else. People get approached and often the exchanges are mutual. James Tague is a popular figure when he goes down there and sells his books sometimes.

      I think almost no one ever calls the police to get one of the few vendors off their back; that is just laughable. I patronize the vendors and buy their stuff sometimes.

  2. Yes Tom, I agree. The screening the DPD used on 11/24/63 was to handcuff the suspect to a policeman and lead him to his murderer. Even if that was never the intent that is still what happened. The DPD was even kind enough to blow the horn twice in case you weren’t looking.

  3. So much for freedom of speech. Even fifty years later they are unwilling to look at the possibility of a conspiracy.

  4. At least the mooted “anti-CT” restrictions on ticket allocations did not come to pass! I don’t see how that could have been enforced anyway .I am on the LN side of the debate,but never supported the idea of anybody being excluded,based on their beliefs.Respectful behaviour should be the only requirement.

  5. In signing up for the possibility of getting a ticket you must provide your drivers license number, dob, social security number and or passport information and are informed that the information will be verified by the Dallas Police Department. After providing all that the website informs you that the page has timed out ostensibly while you are being vetted by the DPD. An uplifting experience? I won’t hold my breath waiting on a ticket or expect the event to be an “uplifting experience.”

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