Sen. Feinstein claims White House backing in struggle with CIA

“In short, this was the exact sort of CIA interference in our investigation that we sought to avoid at the outset,” Feinstein said, saying she raised the issue with the White House counsel.

“He recognized the severity of the situation and the grave implications of executive branch personnel interfering with an official congressional investigation. The matter was resolved with a renewed commitment from the White House counsel and the CIA that there would be no further unauthorized access to the committee’s network or removal of access to CIA documents already provided to the committee.”

via Dianne Feinstein: CIA interfered with committee – Tal Kopan –

5 thoughts on “Sen. Feinstein claims White House backing in struggle with CIA”

  1. In other words, score one for the CIA. The CIA did nothing wrong and won’t do anything wrong again.

    Shorter White House counsel: This whole matter is resolved.

    Shorter Dianne Feinstein: I did what I had to do.

    Message to the American people: You gave up control over the federal government a long time ago, and you’re not getting it back.

  2. Some remarkable comments by the CIA Director John Brennan today, particularly the first sentence of this quote. He said:

    “My CIA colleagues and I believe in… congressional oversight…. Our congressional overseers ask us the tough questions. …. We frequently have what I would call spirited and even sporty discussions.

    “The CIA has more than enough current challenges on its plate… the CIA wants to put its rendition, detention and interrogation chapter behind it.”

  3. Andrew Everett

    Let’s NOT FORGET where the Torture Report leads to: the post-9/11 torture programs which were run by the CIA under Dick Cheney’s command…Apparently torturing suspects wasn’t enough–they then went further and based part of the 9/11 Commission Report on the faulty intelligence gained via torture…Then they destroyed the videotapes of the “interrogations,” remember??? Ironic that they spent $40 million on the Senate Torture Report–but just $13 million to investigate 9/11…’s-torture-pro

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