Secret Service expert Vince Palamara visits the White House

Vince Palamara, who has to qualify as one of the world’s leading experts on the Secret Service and JFK’s assassination, recently posted a Facebook photo depicting a visit he paid a visit to the White House. Unfortunately, he didn’t get inside.

Send your pictures of yourself in a JFK setting and we’ll publish it here.

If you want to know more about the Secret Service in 1963, visit Palamara’s blog here.

5 thoughts on “Secret Service expert Vince Palamara visits the White House”

  1. I suppose that Obama said something like “Tell those Ivy League charletans to stop preventing the public from seeing the White House.”

  2. I saw recently that Greer was from Northern Ireland and a member of the Orange Order, the equivalent of the KKK for Catholics there.

    Geesh, how much did JFK going against him in Dealey?

  3. Applause for Vince Palamara. And many thanks for his research and scholarship.

    No reasonable person will maintain the Secret Service did a good job of protecting President Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

    One question is, how bad of a job did the Secret Service do? The answer: worse than bad. Kennedy was made a sitting duck in a shooting gallery.

    A second question is, did Secret Service agents deliberately expose JFK to danger? It’s impossible not to reach that conclusion viewing Emory Roberts’s activies.

    A third question is, did Secret Service agents help cover up the facts of the assassination? Answer: no question. From washing down the limo at Parkland to having the limo stripped down to possibly destroying or concealing some autopsy materials.

    A fourth question is, how did the Secret Service deal with the ARRB? Answer: Before the ARRB could ask for them, the SS destroyed all of its JFK-related files.

    Many here believe the CIA was complicit in the assassination. I believe as an organization it wasn’t, but its fingerprints are everywhere. There has been far less discussion here about the Secret Service. In my opinion, certain members of the SS were involved in the assassination and cover-up. I’m not sure about Greer and Kellerman, but I have no doubt about Emory Roberts and some others.

    The only thing that can be said of Greer is that his driving facilitated the assassination. The best that can be said about Kellerman is that although he forcibly removed JFK’s body from Parkland at gunpoint after doing nothing to protect JFK, there’s nothing in the record to show he forced Humes to botch the autopsy.

    1. I do indeed agree that the actions of the SS should be discussed a bit more here. I point to Greer’s driving for one-the KGB report and analysis of the assassination believes Greer’s slowing down of the limo was a breach of SS protocol. Then I point to Clint Hill-who said he could clearly see the large opening in the back of JFK’s head(indicating an exit wound), yet has held on to his belief that all shots came from the TSBD. What he witnessed and what he believes appear to contradict each other.

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